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Sorry, All week long I tried to blog but couldn't. I made a draft but don't think I will be posting it anytime soon. It was a very sad week. A girl that I had become close to at work left on friday and all I wanted to do was cry. I will miss you, bearer of band-aids. You made working here fun. In other news, I gave her my blog address. Hopefully she'll read it. It was okay to let her know I had a blog since she's moving to another state and will quite possibly most likely never see The Hubby so she won't tell them. Not that I want to keep this thing a secret from the world. It's just, you know... I would feel censored if those that I knew in real life read my blog. Especially if those were The Hubby and especially if they were family members. So if you know me and I didn't give you the address (all one person of you), DON'T let me know! I would have to shoot first, shoot some more, and ask questions later.

Holy Moly

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The Kid has ANOTHER molar coming in. Crankyness factor has been upgraded to red. A little cold seems to be creeping in and making room up The Kid's nose. And oh yeah, did I mention that he loves his bellybutton? The Kid can't get enough of it. It's crazy I tell you, crazy. Dear God, where does the time go? It seems as if just yesterday I was feeling you move and now you're running around the house carrying your shoes. Why? Why must you carry your shoes all over the house? Do they need to see every single inch of the house? Do they need to take a rest from all that walking you do? Oh well, we'll never know will we?

In other news! I! Got! Accepted! At! My! Skool's! Honor! Roll! Society! Yay! I didn't even know we had one. Seems like you don't find them, they find you. Plus, on a better note. I did much better on my next test although I don't know what my score is because teacher hasn't posted grades yet. And, I found out that my lowest test score gets dropped. That will be just peachy. I have to wait a couple weeks in some ultra special bloglife secret thingamajig. Something so udderly (moo:) deelishus that I can't even bring myself to post about it yet. Will let you know if/when it did/didn't happen. In the meantime, it's Nakey Bottom Time! Courtesy of The Kid.


Oh no...

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Has anyone seen this product? Am I the only one that thinks its creepy? Disembodied hand patting and holding on to your child while he sleeps? Will baby be afraid of hands from now on? Is this some sort of relative of that creepy crawly hand on The Addams Family show? Will I ever stop using question marks?

What the heck? It's like some sort of bad movie. A badly produced horror movie. Attack of the disembodied hands!

Left or Right?

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a post on tony's blog reminded me of how the world is so....kooky. In hispanic countries, it is almost against the law to be a leftie. I am a leftie. So is my sister. I remember vividly how my father's family would tell him to "beat us out of it" and how we would never amount to anything in life because we were left handed. I have a cousin who was born a leftie and was beat so much by her parents that she is now ambidextrous. And that was just on my father's side of the family. My mother's side blamed it all on dad. As if. An aunt from mom's side once remarked as to how I would get poop on my hands everytime I wiped. Except she said it in that very vulgar way that some people from DR have and give the rest of us a bad rep. If she wasn't much bigger than me, I think I would've popped her one. She made me so mad. As if I wasn't capable of the most simple things. I'm a leftie and I can write upside down. Beat that, righties! I'm leftie, hear me roar!


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That's my score in a test I took. A very very important test. I suck at skool. I wish I could bite my own head off. I've never had such a low grade in my life. And I was a habitual class cutter. This is going to ruin my GPA. I suck. It's physical geology class and it's online. It's very hard to concentrate on the class When I have The Kid wanting to play with the computer and The Hubby would rather watch TV instead of watching The Kid for five minutes. I have another very important test this saturday. I should be studying for it, but instead I'm here.......


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I haven't really posted anything about breastfeeding even though is an integral part of my routine. Or, at least it used to be. See, when I got pregnant I did all this research and came to the conclusion that breast is best. I prepared the best I could for breastfeeding and The Hubby supported me. He was even more into it than I was. Thank God that The Kid was pretty good and knew exactly what to do. I think that I would've been depressed if I hadn't been able to breastfeed. We got off to a great start and I knew that I had done the right thing for us. I wanted to keep it as long as I could.

Fast forward a couple of months and The Hubby is not so hot on the breastfeeding thing. Mainly, he sees the breasts as "food" and "off limits" and "ewwww! that thing is leaking!" I continue to breastfeed because is what I feel is correct. I can't not breastfeed. Add to that the fact that everyone around us is asking when I'm going to wean and the pressure is on. One person said, and I quote "I asked how long is it correct to breastfeed and was told six weeks. So I breastfeed for one month over that. Children, especially boys, shouldn't be breastfed for long because it will awaken them to things they are too young to understand."

Now, here I am at 12 months, 1 week and I'm still going strong with the breastfeeding. I am not listening to any of them even if The Hubby is got his panties all in a bunch. I know that I'm doing what's best for my kid and I know he is not ready to wean. I've been working/skool since The Kid was 2 months. Bessie, my pump has been my best friend. Without her I don't know what I would've done. Sure, we had our times. Like when my milk came all pink due to bleeding nipples, and all that engorgement and such. I went from pumping 5 times a day at work/6 when I was at skool to zero (as of last week).

Right now I only feed The Kid first thing in the morning and just before going to bed at night. I will keep this up until at least 18 months when I will revisit the feeding thing.

My day

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Oh boy, I get to be in the drivers seat today! Now, how do I make this thing run again?
Hey girl, nice stroller....

Hey, wanna race? Yeah, you probably will lose. Ha, Ha, Ha!


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Nothing special happened this weekend. Oh yeah, The Hubby came back from the DR. Boy, was I ever glad to see him! And The Kid! He was like a bloodsucking leech! He.Would.Not.Let.Go. But I digress. Nothing interesting happened this weekend. But, The Girl! was in the hospital all day long on Sunday. We were told she had appendicitis. Turns out it was just a urinary tract infection. She's fine now. Just has to take her antibiotics. Nothing really special happened. Nothing at all.


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The Kid, today...two days ago you were one year old. How you have grown in this year. You went from a little squiggly thing that just laid there to a little man. Some of the things you have accomplished this year include:

Mama, Dada, Papa, Tata (don't know what you mean here), nene (boy), baby (pronounced beebee), Mmmnnn (said whenever you see someone with food. Or just whenever you want food),Hi, Amen (screamed out in church several times in a row, never to be heard again).

You have gone from an all boobjuice diet to eating just about anything that's not nailed down to the floor. You still like your boobjuice best, though. As a result, I have changed things around on you. You will no longer get my milk at the sitter's, you will drink goat milk. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

You had me worried there for a minute. You didn't want to crawl and insisted on GIJoeing it around the house. That was real good for my floors, thank you. Now you are a toddler. You walk unassisted all over the place but still crawl when you are tired or just cranky. I don't appreciate your wanting to walk attached to my leg. As a result, I think I will start biting YOU for a change.

Cute Factor
I didn't think it could be possible, but you have only gotten cuter since they let us take you home.

You can sleep the whole night in your room all by yourself. You just choose not to. I don't appreciate that. That's why I let you cry when you decide that the crib is not fun anymore. Bedtime is bedtime and I gotz to get my sleep on.

I swear you'd get back in my womb if you could, the way you always want to hang off of me. You are real good when I drop you at the sitter's with the exception of this week. I think you think I'm going to abandon you just like your daddy abandoned us (for the week).

Other Milestones
Wave bye-bye, blow kisses, kiss (more like leave a huge wad of spit on victim's cheek), play some weird game your grandma taught you of sticking your finger in your palm. self feed (everything that you can get your hands on, regardless of edible factor), hug, dancing (oh how you love to dance), clapping, something that can only be described as some sort of primitive tribal song. You also help me when I dress you or change your diaper.

Eight front teeth, one molar. Bitey fun (for you, not me)

But most of all, your favorite game is: let's look at mom's bellybutton and assorted bellyflaps while in public. But wait-why pull mom's shirt up to do that when we can pull it down! And then we can eat AND play! Yay!

I am so very proud of you baby. I am thankful to you for teaching me how to be a mother. Thank you for the unconditional love I see in your eyes. I love you baby, thanks for being the best firstborn I've ever had (hopefully not the youngest one for long...hehehe)

Single Mothering

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I have officially become a single mother (if only just for this week). The Hubby has gone to that caribbean island that saw yours truly be born. He is gone there on a missions trip and won't come back until late saturday night. I tried to explain to The Kid what was going to happen but he won't understand why daddy isn't coming home. Especially since The Hubby was gone to a conference and The Kid didn't see him at all from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

The Kid and I will miss Hubby dearly. In the meantime, how do I try to compensate for the lack of fatherly supervision over The Kid. Mainly, how do I go to the bathroom in peace and quiet? Must I take him with me everywhere I go? How do single mothers deal with this? Any suggestions?

Mastitis? Plugged Duct?

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I don't know what it is, but I've got this horrible pain in one side. Hopefully it will go away without much intervention.

Birth Story

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So, about this time last year I was taking a monday afternoon class and waiting for The Kid to come. I couldn't wait.
Saturday (10/8/05): I was having some contractions but they weren't very painful or had any sort of pattern to them. That day I got my very first craving. I HAD to go to Applebee's and have their rib and fries combo with mayo. Don't ask. Sunday it was the same.

Monday: 11am, I go for my checkup with the OB and he asks me if I'm in labor. I'm like, ....!?
DR says that I'm 4 centimeters dilated.
Me: Shweet!

1pm: I go to class (I have to save up my two absences for after The Kid's born). Everyone there's like, go to the hospital now!

fast forward to 11:30pm: I've been up trying to see if the contractions will become regular enough that I can go to the hospital, they're not. I get tired of waiting and wake up The Hubby to take me to the hospital. My reasoning was, the sooner I get there, the sooner I can come home. This is where the fun starts. Hubby drops me off at the entrance and tells me to wait for him while he goes to park. I sit at a bench outside of the entrance and wait. And wait. And wait. Then Hubby comes running out of hospital with security guard in tow*. He asks why I was out there. I tell him that I was waiting for him per his request. I get admitted into the hospital. They check me and tell me that I'm six inches dilated already. This whole time I haven't been in a lot of pain. I mostly feel like I ate a bad burrito. I get taken to a room and sleep for most of the night.

Tuesday 8am: doctor says that he has to break my water because I am 10 inches dilated and not showing signs of water breaking. That's when the fun starts. I start having real contractions and am in a lot of pain. I try to take it like a man and don't scream or make sounds. I only allowed myself to moan slightly during the height of the contraction. This goes on for one hour.

9:15ish am: I give in and ask for pain meds (can't remember the name; but it's the one that's given intravenously and only lasts one hour). That did the trick, I'm in lala land and not caring about much at that point.

10am: Pain meds go away. Pain is back. I'm still not allowing myself to scream and nurse is loving me. She keeps telling me about other mothers that scream their heads off.

10:30ish: I tell Hubby that I need to push NOW! He's all like, "no don't push. Remember what the nurse said... Okay push but only for a little bit." I tell him get the nurse NOW!!!!!!
He gets the nurse.....
who yells at him to page the doctor right away.....

10:40am: The Kid makes his entrance into the world. All 8lbs 10oz of wet, purple, dead rhynoceros hairy kid.

Why did I post the story? Well, I want another baby.

* The Hubby told me later on that he rushed to the front desk of the hospital and asked for his wife. Since the security guard could not remember a woman coming in recently, they called down to see if I was already in L&D. They were frantically looking for a missing woman in labor. They only looked inside the hospital. That's when he happened to look outside and see me sitting there. Oh yeah, the nurse told me that in her time in that hospital, she's only seen one other woman deliver without screaming. I was proud of that. I gave birth and took it like a man**.

**The Hubby passed a kidney stone before we got married and he was in so much pain that he punched the wall of the ER so hard that the nurses rushed in to his room. The pain also made him vomit. He took it like a girl. A very sissy girl.

** Oh yeah, since this is FL; besides my two absences that I could take from skool, I also took a hurricane day. Because this is Fl and a hurricane is announced every five days.

I'm Sorry

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I'm sorry Internet, I just realized that I never showed you the pictures I promised you. So, I show you a picture. Now please don't look if you're eating, mkay?

That is the area behind the fridge, and it was a light fridge, not heavy at all. And yes, that is moldy bread in its bag that you see there. And one big cobweb.

That is a shot of the A/C. I don't have many more pictures, I didn't take many before we started the cleaning process. Let's just say the rest of the house was equally as nasty.


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I never told you guys what The Hubby did. I was at skool and when I came home I found The Kid sans hair. I was so mad I screamed. He looked like this when I left for skool

and when I came home, he looked like this

Let me tell you, it took a few days for me to calm down. I hated the new cut. I don't have a baby anymore, I have a little man. It sucks because he looks so grown up that I don't even know where my little baby went. I have forgiven The Hubby but he is not allowed to cut The Kid's hair for a long time.