Posted by sourpatchbaby | 10/30/2006 | 1 comments »

Sorry, All week long I tried to blog but couldn't. I made a draft but don't think I will be posting it anytime soon. It was a very sad week. A girl that I had become close to at work left on friday and all I wanted to do was cry. I will miss you, bearer of band-aids. You made working here fun. In other news, I gave her my blog address. Hopefully she'll read it. It was okay to let her know I had a blog since she's moving to another state and will quite possibly most likely never see The Hubby so she won't tell them. Not that I want to keep this thing a secret from the world. It's just, you know... I would feel censored if those that I knew in real life read my blog. Especially if those were The Hubby and especially if they were family members. So if you know me and I didn't give you the address (all one person of you), DON'T let me know! I would have to shoot first, shoot some more, and ask questions later.


  1. Anonymous // 9:36 PM  

    I'm sure she enjoyed working with you, too.