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That's my score in a test I took. A very very important test. I suck at skool. I wish I could bite my own head off. I've never had such a low grade in my life. And I was a habitual class cutter. This is going to ruin my GPA. I suck. It's physical geology class and it's online. It's very hard to concentrate on the class When I have The Kid wanting to play with the computer and The Hubby would rather watch TV instead of watching The Kid for five minutes. I have another very important test this saturday. I should be studying for it, but instead I'm here.......


  1. Zach & Brie's Mom // 8:10 PM  

    I'm very proud of the fact that I had a 55 average in statistics in college. Of course, with the curve, that ended up being a B.

    Also, one time I scored a 9 on a quiz (out of 50). The average was 7 (out of 50). What's wrong with that teacher?