Single Mothering

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 10/09/2006 | , | 2 comments »

I have officially become a single mother (if only just for this week). The Hubby has gone to that caribbean island that saw yours truly be born. He is gone there on a missions trip and won't come back until late saturday night. I tried to explain to The Kid what was going to happen but he won't understand why daddy isn't coming home. Especially since The Hubby was gone to a conference and The Kid didn't see him at all from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

The Kid and I will miss Hubby dearly. In the meantime, how do I try to compensate for the lack of fatherly supervision over The Kid. Mainly, how do I go to the bathroom in peace and quiet? Must I take him with me everywhere I go? How do single mothers deal with this? Any suggestions?


  1. Diana // 3:22 PM  

    Ah, crap. I (thankfully) have not had to be a single mom, so I have no advice. Good luck, though. Really.

  2. Kate M // 12:59 PM  

    lol I am preparing to be one and am worried, very worried! lol
    I was one when I was a foster parent and it required a great deal of organization, but it was super fabulous!
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