Fox Den Lane

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I consider myself to be a crunchy mama, so imagine my surprise when I realized that I don’t have any ring slings. I only used pouch slings with The Kid and have been secretly insanely jealous of all the cool ring sling mamas out there. So naturally I needs to get me a ring sling for this babe. I looked around and found this Baby Slings site that has really cool ring slings. I can totally see me in the Organic cotton sateen sling (second one from the top, first picture). In fact, once I have my diaper stash done I’ll most likely buy one of those. Of course I still need one of their other slings (solarveil and water slings come to mind since this child will be born in the spring and I will get to show off the water sling at all of our summer activities). Of course, what I like the most is the fact that this is a home business so I’m not giving my money to some huge corporation that doesn’t care about customer service. I’ve spoken via email with the owner and he’s as nice as can be. I'm all about supporting the small businesses so I give them my money as much as I can.

Oh, and did I mention that they have the most affordable kiddie slings I could find? And they ship all over the world? AND they take paypal not just your credit card? This is more than most big companies will do. They will be in contact with you if you need any help with your sling size and their return policy is great as well. So, I’m getting The Kid a sling and getting me a couple slings as well. Just need to do my ordering in small amounts and have them ship the packages to my job so that I can sneak the things in the house little by little (otherwise The Hubby will have my head on a silver platter). If you’re in the market for a sling, go check them out.

Agua (water)

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So yesterday The Kid decided that sleep was overrated and did.not.nap. at all. It was hard going there after a while since his body needed it but whatever. When we got home from church it started raining bad so I took him outside to look at the rain since he can't see it very well from inside the house (since the porch railings block his view). He made me get his chair and put it ouside so that he could sit and watch the agua coming down. He also felt the need to let me know that the agua was coming down from above. Once the rain died down he ventured out into the yard and stood around a bit. He also did this one dance that he's been doing lately. It's some sort of jive with a little merengue in it. It also has some bootie shakin' and comes with it's own song that he made up and we can't figure out the words to. He did fall asleep around seven pm so at least I got some respite there. Oh, and he's the sweatiest child I know. We cuddled up a bit in the couch before I took him to bed and (I'd taken his shirt off since I'd given him some corn on the cob) his back was filled with sweat beads within minutes. His whole head was covered in sweat as well.

Goes to show you how the things we take for granted can actually be pretty cool in their own rights. It's been a long time since I stared at the rain falling. To put it in Dr. Seus' words: A person's a person, no matter how small.

The Bloop

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That's what I'm naming this parasitic* little person inside me. I'm tired of calling her an it, foetus, and mini me. So I decided on naming it a bloop. By the way, notice how I redid my links bar. There's a link to the birth center where I'm gonna burst open this belated christmas present. Also, check out bob the angry flower. The writer is Canadian and is actually funny. He does good movie reviews as well. I've also decided to redo my site. I don't have the money to buy my own domain name yet, but when I do, I will do that. I'm also going to try to do more posting of higher quality. And I promise I will start commenting on everyone whose blogs I read (and that's everyone in my linkage list and more that are not there right now)

In morning sickness front, it seems as though the pukiness has subsided somewhat. I'm not as sick as I was, but still getting sick. Progress? Maybe. Right now I'm eating some exotic vegetable chips with garlic, oregano, olive oil, and a hint of lemon. They're very good. Made you hungry yet Katie? No? Well then, yesterday I had a deelishus BBQ chicken sandwich at a good Italian restaurant (their pizza slices are almost as big as my head, and that's pretty big if I do say so myself)

**A parasite commonly refers to an organism that lives on or inside another organism, a phenomenon known as parasitism. Some parasites are social parasites, taking advantage of interactions between members of a social host species such as ants or termites to their detriment. Kleptoparasitism involves the parasite stealing food that the host has caught or otherwise prepared. So as you can see, being pregnant is like having parasites and having children is like having little parasites outside your body constantly stealing and eating the food that you've caught or prepared. And I can't be sharing my hawaiian pizza with bacon instead of ham with anyone (except for katie, but she'll just stare at me until I give in) much less a parasite.

Best Commercial in Europe

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think about this one...

God, this pregnancy has hit me like a ton of bricks. If any of you have any teenage girls that you want to scare away from premarital horizontal hello, send them my way. After watching me puke up everything in me for a couple of days, I doubt that they'd want to start engaging in alone time. It goes like this, I wake up, puke. eat, puke, eat some more, puke. Cuz puking makes me so very hungry that I get shivers and tremble. I feel like this foetus' life is endangered and that my body might eat it at any moment. So I eat. And then I puke. And, if I'm lucky I don't have to change my undies after puking. That's right, internet. I said that puking makes me pee. There Katie, Happy? Now you know my innermost deepest secret. Oh, and if you puke first thing in the morning and don't have anything in your stomach yet...your puke will actually look and feel like raw egg yolks.

Yes, Katie, I went there.

Oh, and it's not a morning thing. I shake my fist at whomever called this morning sickness. It's an all day thing. As in, I can't even eat my supper in peace without the nausea coming up. As in, it gets worse at night time.