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It seems as if I will never have time to finish the "about me" part of this blog. I promise that as soon as I find some time, I will do it. Right now, I have about five hundred bags of clean laundry that has to be folded, ironed, and put away. In other news, we had a little incident with my stepdaughter who I will refer to as The Girl! The Girl! is 11 years old and was barely two when her parents got divorced. Long story short, mom cheated and was horrible. The divorce was hard on The Hubby, because he fought it tooth and nail. He didn't want to get divorced, mainly because of The Girl! It put him in a deep depression and he didn't even date again until he met me, years later. Anyways, The Girl! opened herself up to us. She was crying because she still wanted her parents to be together (her mom remarried soon after the divorce) and because she wanted to spend more time with The Hubby. Good thing we had the pastors in attendance and they were able to explain to her some things. Mainly, The Girl! understands that The Hubby didn't want the divorce, was very much in love with her mom (at the time), and that is not up to him to be able to have as much time with her as he wants (he used to have her every weekend until The Wench decided that she didn't like that).

Let me just say that The Wench is very spiteful and stupid. She's a very bad person, thief, liar, con woman, manipulative. Her family hates The Hubby and the church that we go to (because the pastors refused to stop talking to him after the divorce, mainly because she was the one who wanted it), and have said God only knows what to The Girl! about us. I am glad that this happened though, even though The Hubby couldn't tell The Girl! the exact cause of the divorce (she's not mature enough to understand), she does know enough to make her own decisions now. This is something that will make us grow closer together as a family and not tear us apart. We get along just fine and she loves The Kid and he loves her right back. I love her to death, Just get annoyed at how spoiled she is over at the other house, it took us forever to get her to flush the toilet and do little things like turn on the shower for her bath. Her mom found childbirth too painful and said that she would never have any more children again so The Girl! is happy to get siblings on this side of the tree. Now she's pestering us for a girl.

The Hubby is planning to tell her everthing including details when she is older (The Wench threw a fit when she found out, probably because she doesn't want her daughter to know shes whoreish*). What do you think internet? Should children of divorce be told (when they can fully understand it) exactly what happened to make their parents split? Are there some things best kept from the children? What about those horrible women who will lie to their children making everthing seem to be the father's fault? Shouldn't those fathers have a right to be heard and justified in their children's eyes? Where does the line separating the truth and vindictiveness lie? Should the old "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" apply here for both parents? Will Ethan finally leave Gwen for Theresa? Will Sheridon find Marty?

*sorry about my cursing, did not want this blog to be filled with curse-yness but there is no other nice way to call what she did. Lady of the night? She who does not know how to close her legs?

Hi, it's me again.

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Sorry I've been away for so long. Been extremely busy. Guess what, internet! I preached!!!! granted it was on a friday home service. But.I.Preached. All by my lonesome! And people liked it!. I gotta get more spiritual in my life and seek the Lord more and more. I did John 16:33 and got into the Strong's Concordance and everything! So proud of me! Can you tell? Anyways, that was part of why I didn't post last week. Spent most of my free time getting things right. I have not had a night/day off since the 9th. Every single night after work I have had to do something that is extremely important and cannot wait a day. Tonite, I'm going to my friend's farewell dinner. She is extremely smart and beautiful and is going to law skool in Boston. I will miss her. Did you hear me, Princy? I will miss you!. Yeah, that is her real name, ain't it cute?

My new boss started today and the day has been hectic. had not had a free second and don't see one at all until at least two weeks from now when the person that's training my boss leaves our office. She's already driving me krazy. On saturday, we went to the beach (everyone from church) and The Kid loved it! He spent more time in the water splashing and kicking and also playing with the sand. One time he was in the water sans pants/diapers/ oh heck, he was nakey. And he loved it. I have to go pump now but I will leave you with this quote that my friend said in church this weekend:

Stop looking at what's going on and start being a part of what's going on.


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Two things happened this week. One really good; one, well, let's just say that I didn't kill someone because of it. Fine, I thought about it. Okay, I went crazy. There.

First off, The Kid reached two milestones this week. the first happened over the weekend, he decided to actually crawl like a regular, normal, human being. See, for the longest time we all thought that he was destined to just slide across the room on his belly. I mean, the kid was almost nine months and pulling himself up on furniture and could not remove his oh-so-heavy belly off of the floor. So I called his little move the G. I. Joseph (yes, now you all know his name. Shoot me, I dare you. Go ahead.....) because that's what it looked like, a soldier scootin' on the ground. This weekend we said goodbye to that as The Kid decided that the GI Joseph was soo last week and started to crawl. But noooo, The Kid decided that it wasn't enough to break my little heart. Nooo, he decided that this week was the perfect time to start cruisin', sadly, this means that I have to run to the store and babyproof the house (don't call CPS on me, I never let him off my sight, actually, off of me. The Kid is always either stuck to my arm, or my boob). My baby's growing up...

And now for the other thing. Listen carefully internet, because once I say this it will never be spoken of ever again. NEVER. Okay, here it goes: The Kid put a roach* in his mouth!!!!!!! it was soo horrible! My kid! And a roach! Together! At! The! Same! Time! In! His! Mouth!! I freaked out soo bad, all I could do was bawl at the hubbie "How do you expect me to feel? My son had a roach in his mouth!!!!!!!!" I tell you internet, I almost had a heart attack. Call me selfish, but I seriously considered never kissing him again, or letting him bite, er.. kiss me ever. We were in the living room (which had just been vacuumed) and I was letting him play in the rug (bad, bad mommy) when I see him scoot a little bit, stop, sit, and bring something to his mouth (which fell off right away. Thank goodness for lack of fine motor skills). Inmediately I rushed to him and started to freak out. Needless to say, more fumigating is in order. I think we are all getting high off of the fumes. We removed the dining room table so that we can see better all around The Kid in order to protect him for those precious few moments a day when he is not in my arms or sucking the lifeblood out of me or trying to see how far my "dirty pillows" will stretch..

*Thank you very much extremely icky nasty tenant. This is your doing. May you wake up in the middle of the night with a big ole flying roach kissing you and caressing your cheeks!!!!!! How do you like that?!!!!