Hi, it's me again.

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 7/17/2006 | 1 comments »

Sorry I've been away for so long. Been extremely busy. Guess what, internet! I preached!!!! granted it was on a friday home service. But.I.Preached. All by my lonesome! And people liked it!. I gotta get more spiritual in my life and seek the Lord more and more. I did John 16:33 and got into the Strong's Concordance and everything! So proud of me! Can you tell? Anyways, that was part of why I didn't post last week. Spent most of my free time getting things right. I have not had a night/day off since the 9th. Every single night after work I have had to do something that is extremely important and cannot wait a day. Tonite, I'm going to my friend's farewell dinner. She is extremely smart and beautiful and is going to law skool in Boston. I will miss her. Did you hear me, Princy? I will miss you!. Yeah, that is her real name, ain't it cute?

My new boss started today and the day has been hectic. had not had a free second and don't see one at all until at least two weeks from now when the person that's training my boss leaves our office. She's already driving me krazy. On saturday, we went to the beach (everyone from church) and The Kid loved it! He spent more time in the water splashing and kicking and also playing with the sand. One time he was in the water sans pants/diapers/ oh heck, he was nakey. And he loved it. I have to go pump now but I will leave you with this quote that my friend said in church this weekend:

Stop looking at what's going on and start being a part of what's going on.


  1. Diana // 3:03 PM  

    Hi. Coming to say thank you for visiting me. :D
    Re: Roaches. Ugh been there. I have no remedy, i just moved away. But my son never touched the floor the whole time I lived there (like three months)
    Good luck with getting rid of them!