Children See, Children Do

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This makes me want to cry...


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Paypal is either very dumb or very very dumb. I went to check on my paypal account Monday and saw that I had a limited access hold on it. I come looking more at the situation and see that somehow, someone has gotten into my account and sent me $1200 for some WellBox thing (I didn’t want to google it for fear of it being some sort of sadistic Tupperware party item). Then, someone takes that money out (it was the $1200 minus the 30 something fee that paypal charged). Then someone sends 800 and they take out more money, then they sent 800ish something more and that’s when I found it. I was all like, can I keep the money? Immediately I called paypal and had them investigate the matter. Thankfully, it’s all been resolved now. My account boasts a full $6.01 and It’s so full it might explode like a cow that’s eaten green hay.

I’m kinda peeved at the fact that they got money out of my account. If they had just sent me money, I could see how that mistake might be made. Taking money out of an account is fishy. I am so going to change all my passwords and junk as soon as I can.


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I bet you’re wondering if I am really getting paid enough money from Pay Per Post. Do you want to know how much money I’ve made so far with them? Let me tell you, I have been paid $42.02 and will be paid $55.01 doing the blog marketing. This is only because I had no google page rank and was not eligible to take the higher paid opportunities. But now, I have a whooping page rank that’s higher than my -25 from before and that helps me. It’s very easy to do this and why aren’t you doing it yet?

What have I done with this money? Well, I have bought me some fluff. I am now the proud owner of 12 Fuzzi Bunz diapers and 12 Mother of Eden inserts. Yup, I have decided to kick the disposable diaper habit when The Kid is at home. He now wears his cute little FB’s all the time and let me tell you, it’s not as scary as it seems. I am going to let my money sit in my Paypal account for a while so that it can grow baby! I have my eyes on some really cute things that I want and want to be able to afford it. This is the best second job ever since I don’t have to leave my house or even get off the internet for that matter.

Be like Christ

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"Preach the Gospel at all times; when necessary, use words." That advice, originally given by St. Francis of Assisi, is applicable today, because how you behave tells the world what you believe. How you treat others, how you spend your money, how you maintain your house, car, and other possessions, and even how you drive all speak loudly about what you believe.

The world is hungry for something real; they're searching for answers to life. But the world's not reading the Bible; they're reading Christians. And they will recognize true Christians by their fruit, not their mouth, not their bumper sticker, not their cross earrings, but their fruit--their actions (Matthew 7:20).

Clearly, how you behave tells the world what you believe. In other words, your life is a sermon.

Therefore, it is very understandable that James instructs: Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like (James 1:22-24).

Faith involves more than hearing and believing; faith demands action. Therefore, the best way to preach the Gospel is to live the Gospel, because how you live boldly declares what you believe


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Yay! Big money time! If you have a blog that has a high page rank, you can make loads of dough. How? By joining Pay Per Post. They pay you money for blogging about the things you were going to blog anyways. The higher your page rank, the more money you can make. Some of the high paying opps pay $125 or even more money just because your blog is a 7 or 8 rank. Also, PPP only charges 35% service fee compared to some other post sites that charge 100% fees. Those other sites take half your money before you even get to it! Even if your page rank is low, you can still make loads of money by taking the lower paying gigs. And this helps raise your page rank. I should know, I’ve gone up 3 ranks since I joined PPP and I know it’s because of it. Of course, like all good posties you have to put a disclosure badge (like the one at the end of this post) so that people know more about PPP. Oh yeah, did I mention that you could make $1000 for a single post? Yeah, that’s a lot of meatballs. Try it! go to the blog ad network and do it! now!

Terrible Two's

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Oh My God. I fear we have entered the T2's. This weekend, well Sunday and Monday morning was hell. I should've known when he woke up on Sat at 6:30am and wanted to ride his bike and forced me to watch him play that something was amiss. But, I didn't heed warning signs. Sunday was one tantrum after another after another after another. I think some of his tantrums were related to his tantrums. Please don't take this the wrong way, but if he'd been older I would've had to bring out the big momma belt. He worked himself into such a state that he ended up napping 2 hours before time and then would not nap at all the rest of the day. He ended up crashing around 8:30pm. I tell you, if there ever was a time to give a child some benadryl or sleepy time medicine, that was it. He's never ever done anything quite like this and it was creepy scary. And then, 5:30am Monday morning. I thought that someone came in the house and killed him he was screaming so hard. I had never heard him scream that loud before and my ears are still ringing. We brought him to our bed just that one time to see if he would go back to sleep. He did go back to sleep, but he kept hitting me and hugging his dad (while sleeping) and I don't mean oh look at that the cute baby tried to hit someone...nooo I mean that he was b*tch slapping me. In his sleep. And he has no idea what that is. He told The Hubby twice on saturday "shuddyup". I don't think he knows what that means since we don't use that kind of language at home. I can only assume that he's getting it from his babysitter's grandchildren. Since those kids are in grade skool, it's very possible he's picking it up from them. To those of you who've gone through the T2's, how did you survive? Did you just stay home the whole time? I have to go to the grocery store and frankly, I'm dreading it.

Loan Consolidation

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Student loans are a pain in the butt if you know what I mean. Frankly, I don’t see the point in having like 35 different loans for one person. There would be no way of effectively managing that once you enter repayment. Thankfully, this Loan Consolidation site can help you actually pay on time all your student loans and help you from having a bad credit.

One, Two, Wheee!

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I heard The Kid on Saturday counting. By himself. Oh the joys of motherhood when I learned that The Kid was not daft were superceded by the fact that I did not teach him that. It sucks to learn that your child is being taught something educational outside of you. I wanted to teach him to count, but I didn't teach him to count. Although, if he confuses the three with wheee....does it count? He clearly says wheee and not three (whee being his brand new most favorite word in the whole world with the exception of No! Which is by far the best word).

One Account

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For all those people out there like me that can’t seem to get a hold on their finances, there’s a new way to pay off a mortgage. It’s called the One Account mortgage. It basically ties together the mortgage, checking, credit card, savings and puts everything in the same account. It basically means that your paycheck is sent to the account and you can take the money out to pay your bills and such, but while it is inside the account it is being used to offset the mortgage balance. This is a great way to pay off the mortgage early without having to pay any penalties. Also, if you are in a financial tight spot, you can take a break from the mortgage repayments. If you think this is for you, go to mortgages and check it out.

Review my Post

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So there’s this new program in Pay per post that is called Review My Post. This is basically works this way. I make a post and leave some blog ads for some other pay per poster to review my post. They get paid for reviewing it and as soon as they get paid, I get paid too! This is great! I could actually be all reviewed and stuff. I am so signing up for this mostly because it could help me get a higher pr rank. Right now my rank is probably somewhere in the negative 200’s or so. This is a great thing because it would help out not just me, but the other person also. Plus, I could get people’s attention and we all know how big of an attention wench I am. I would so not only allow others people to review my blog, I would go out and review other people’s blogs also. This way everybody wins! I get to have some people who would not normally read me (i.e., the world) to read about me, and I would find some possibly most likely interesting blogs to read. I am so signing up for this thing is not even funny. They should’ve added this a long time ago.

I'm sorry

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If you can, please go over to Dream Mommy's house and give her some love. Princess died yesterday. Poor little tyke, so young. I don't even know what to say, this is so tragic.

I just read this article. This makes my blood boil, I could not help but cry at the horror that this little child had to suffer. Just to think that the poor little girl froze to her death because her father wanted her to is more pain that I can stand. I can't get the image of a scared, almost naked, barefoot child all alone in that park wondering why her father left her there. It's not only the fact that she died, but the fact that she died thinking no one loved her that is breaking my heart. I am sorry, christian values aside and all. But if I see that man in person, I would beat him up. He deserves the worst kind of punishment available. The death sentence is too kind for what he's done. How dare he do that to a 23 month old child, his own child! This world is getting to be too much. There are way too many stories of this kind out there. Dear God, why. Why does this happen? I know that sometimes bad things happen to people in order that other people might be able to learn. I also know that we reap what we sow, and that sometimes . But what could this child have done to anger her father to the point of murder? She. would. not. go. to. bed. All I have to say is this, had I lived in the times of lynchings and angry mob riots; I would so have started more than a few of them myself. Starting with this one.


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Why does everything that sounds good is not as it seems? I just read this on my job tv:
Bacon portrait sells for more than expected.

Of course I thought that the following news would reveal some magical pictures of frying bacon with maybe a little egg/sausage to accompany. But nooo, its only about some weirdo named Francis Bacon whose painting sold for who knows how many liras....... That just about ruined my morning.

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Be nice to me, I throw up easily.

I don't think Katie realized what my point was in that post. My point wasn't so much to make fun and point and stare at what them kids was doing (although it was fun to do so). No, my point was more on the lines of the fact that the girl in question (paris hilton wannabe)is twelve years old. Not 20, not 15, not even 14. She's 12. What kind of mother allows and buys their child vagina baring skirts? Seriously, what kind of mother? I'm not trying to imply that you keep your child dressed like a pentecostal woman (I can say that because I used to be one, and am/have been friends with many of them), I just think that children should be children. This brings me back to something I saw at a family fair. A girl, couldn't have been more than two, was wearing a teeeny tiny belly baring shirt. Not the cutesey kind that just shows the belly. The womanly kind that ties and ends just beneath the breasts (with the long sleeves, gotta have the long sleeves). This girl was wearing diapers and she was dressed "sexy". Since when do children have to be sexy???@@!!! Especially in Florida, where sex offenders outnumber you two to one. Currently there are 153 of those perverts in a two mile radius from my house. And those are only the registered ones. Don't even go into all the crazies that have not been charged/found out about yet.

The point is, children in this country are at an ever growing threat of being molested/abused/touched and by sexualizing them, we ain't helping any. Whatever happened to good old children's clothing? I walk by the girls section at the local hellmart and all I see is rows upon rows of ultra minis, high heels (for toddlers nonetheless. Don't they have to learn how to walk first?) and clothing that would look sexy on someone with boobs.

I'm concerned about how these girls that are taught body image from an even earlier age than we were will end up in the future. As we can see with the paris hilton wannabe (I only say that because she may or may not be chockfull of diseases and she may or may not know how to write), she's heading down a bad path. Who, do you think told her that if you wear a cleavage revealing shirt (she does not have cleavage, that's the sad part) you shouldn't pair it with a mini. Who told her that it's not okay to ditch skool to go partying with a guy that's old enough to drink. Who, upon seeing what she was wearing, sent her back to her room to wear something decent? No one, that's who. And that is her problem. Does the blame lay on the girl for her attitude and easy ways, or on her parents for turning her into what she is? Will Teresa tell Ethan that he's the real father of Little Ethan? Will she ditch Ethan to be with Jared? Will Fancy discover who the rapist was? Will Sheridon finally stop getting in between Luis and Fancy?...

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Some people are like Slinkies. They have no practical use whatsoever, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

This is for you katie.

Got you with the title didn't I? It was a beautiful church service. Pastor was preaching and Translator Girl was translating... Somebody decided that they just couldn't hold off anymore and started making out with their girlfriend. Now, let me just say that maybe, just maybe this someone is my nephew and that he is 14 years old. And that maybe, just maybe this girl is 12 years old (although she is *mature* for her age). And by *mature* I mean that she has said in the middle of church that "all the girls hate her because they think she steals their boyfriends, but it ain't my fault that their boyfriends like me" and that by *their boyfriends like me* I mean that she's told ADULT women at church that they're lucky they're married because she would so totally take their husbands from them. And by husbands I mean men twice her age...

But I digress. Let's just say that maybe, just maybe the kisses were so wet, that someone had to wipe the spit off of the girl's cheeks. Now remember that this is inside the temple while the pastor is preaching. And that the parents of one of these hooligans are sitting three, maybe four seats away. And that the father said he didn't see such a thing. And did I mention that this girl wears bandeau minis so short she can't sit down? My goodness, not even when I was at my hoochiest I wore things that short. It's scandalous, it deserves a stoning of sorts. Okay, I admit it. I've been hankering for a good old fashioned stoning for a while and if there ever was a situation that warranted it, this was it.

I don't like to talk about people but, when you're seen licking the inside of someone's ear at church you're pretty much up for grabs. Now, not many people saw this happening and the pastor didn't call them out in the middle of service. They weren't told, but I'm pretty sure that if they ever try that again, someone's gonna grab the microphone and point them to the happy couple.

Ew. What kind of person liplocks in church? Even when I was all about making out with guys in different, exotic places (like under the pier in Myrtle Beach. Or the Firehouse with a fireman. Or maybe a motorcycle) I still respected churches. I mean, you don't want God to strike you down and smite you.

Now I'm curious, would you ever make out in a church? Let me know in the comments section or write in your post and let me know.