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You're six months old now. You weight in at 17lbs but feel more like 30. What you have accomplished so far this month:

You can so totally sit for a long time alone. You're working on getting off of that position now. You only manage to fall flat on your face when you try though.
You have started to eat solids. Granted I didn't wait until you were six months, but I don't think they're going to care much that I started feeding you two days before your half birthday. Your first food was bowtie pasta and you loved it. You also loved the steamed broccoli and carrots that mama gave you as well.
You're my guinea pig, and I'm Baby Led Weaning you. Here's to hoping you don't choke, lol. You're doing great though and it helps me keep you occupied when The Kid and I eat dinner.
You can stand for a long time if someone is holding your hands and you can even take a few steps that way too.
Did I mention the cellulite? Cuz your thighs are full of that deelishus baby cellulite. I love it.

Silly Duckie!

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Last night around 4am I woke up to Duckie trying to crawl over me. He was trying to reach the alarm clock so that he could play with it. I mean, isn't that what all the kewl kids are doing these days? Waking up at 4am wanting to play?

He was totally wide awake and didn't want to sleep, so I put him on his crib and fell asleep myself. I was kinda woken up when I heard someone knocking on the door. I was about to fall asleep again when the knocking started again but this time it was accompanied by Duckie grunting. That woke me up fully and I got up right away to check on him. Little bugger that he is, he managed to do a complete 180 degree turn in the crib and was crawling. Except that he ran out of crib space and just kept banging his head against the rails of the crib. That was the knocking noise I heard. Surprisingly, he wasn't grunting cuz it hurt; he was grunting cuz he was crawling but going nowhere. Go figure :) It was hilarious though.

The Kid is also cutting one of his molars.

How much longer will it be until all their teeth are in? I seriously thought that he'd been finished teething, gr. At least he can tell me when/where it hurts. The Hubbster called, they only allow them to call for a maximum of three minutes on Sundays so we couldn't talk much. Also, The Kid is majorly missing his daddy. Since The Hubby has insomnia, he'll sometimes sleep in the couch and I've caught the poor The Kid sneaking off to the couch in the middle of the night looking for daddy. :(

He's gone and am all alone in the house with the kidlets. Keep trying to make myself be busy so that I don't have to miss him. It sucks big fat monkey butt cuz I already got used to him being around all the time and now I have to get unused to it. I won't hear from him for the next few weeks cuz they like to keep their newbies sequestered for awhile. After that, we'll be able to talk to him on Sundays until he finishes up Basic. I so wish that we could pack up and move with him to his class after that but it's not financially feasible.

I am making a list of all the things that I want to get done around the house to keep me busy:
rug- the edge where it ends and the tile starts was ripped by the previous tenants and because The Hubby was going to retile the entire area he never got around to fixing it. I know exactly how to fix that problem and will be heading over to Home Depot this weekend to fix it. Wish me luck cuz I've never drilled through concrete nor sawed metal before. Am planning on using womanly wiles to get the Home Depot workers to cut the metal for me.

kidlets room have to figure some sort of storage space in there. Plus have to fit Ducky's crib in there as well

backyard since The Hubby used to do all his work in the backyard and was dumb enough to throw nails and broken glass all over it, The Kid could never play in it. Am going to separate an area just for him, comb through it for any nails/glass/sharp object, and then will throw one of those plastickey outdoor rug thingies on it in case I missed something. Will be second on list as I will then be able to let him out to play while I cook/clean/sleep.

laundry room he has a million things in here that he will never use. I will go over everything and throw away what's not needed. Get some organization in there as well.

computer/rumpus room
Since he's gone, I can move things around and put them where they should be and gasp! get an actual computer table instead of a big long table that takes up half the room. Seriously, this has caused more fights than leaving the toilet seat up. Concurrent to that, I will be installing Microsoft Word AND Excel in the computer. He is mortal enemies with these two programs and forced me to go to the library and do my homework because he wouldn't install it. He thinks that WordPerfect is just fine and that "teachers have to understand it." Umn.. no, they fail you if you don't submit your work in the format required.

Am sure the list will get bigger as I think of more things that have not gotten done around the house.

In other news, Ducky would.not.sleep last night. I'm sure that he caught wind of Diana's sleepless teething night and decided that it was high time he did that as well. He was screaming horribly and was so tired and sleepy but just couldn't stop crying. I could see why some people shake their babies, because it was so bad that all I wanted was for him to stop crying. If I'd been told at that point that shaking him would've made him stop, I would've done it too. The desperation, sadness, tiredness, all combined with the fact that now am all alone with the kidlets kinda got to me. Thankfully the most harmful thing I did to him was give him Tylenol but even that didn't work. He finally fell asleep exhausted around 5:30am. Just in time for the alarm to ring.

Mr. Sourpatch is joining the army. It came on just as suddenly for me as it's for you. He leaves on Tuesday for Basic Training and from there will go straight to his class. He won't graduate there until sometime in Jan or Feb. So I will be a single mom until then.....

It sucks. I made a pro and con list of his going and the only things in the pro list are: less laundry and not as much cooking.

There's a big decision to be made in the sour household. Something that will affect the lives of ourselves and those who we hold near and dear to us. It's not divorce, so don't worry about that. I can't say anything concrete to you internets yet, but as soon as I have clearance, I will.

In the other hand, The Kid has been dressing himself of late. It's kinda cute to see all the funky combinations that he comes up with (green and blue shirt with red pants. one black, one elmo shoe) but he has to learn somehow.

EEEEKKKK! He's scared out of his mind!

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Saturday Ducky decided that he'd roll over from his back to his tummy for the first time. No biggie, it's supposed to be a milestone and all. he did it a total of 4 different times and each time it scared the poop out of him. Poor baby, it took me over an hour each time to calm him down long enough to be able to put him down again and he had to go on and turn.

Kids are so silly. In other news, this morning I found The Kid sleeping on top of a pillow in the living room(top half was on pillow, bum in the air) clutching a cup. When I touched him to pick him up, he turned to me smiling and said: I's stuck mommy!