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You're six months old now. You weight in at 17lbs but feel more like 30. What you have accomplished so far this month:

You can so totally sit for a long time alone. You're working on getting off of that position now. You only manage to fall flat on your face when you try though.
You have started to eat solids. Granted I didn't wait until you were six months, but I don't think they're going to care much that I started feeding you two days before your half birthday. Your first food was bowtie pasta and you loved it. You also loved the steamed broccoli and carrots that mama gave you as well.
You're my guinea pig, and I'm Baby Led Weaning you. Here's to hoping you don't choke, lol. You're doing great though and it helps me keep you occupied when The Kid and I eat dinner.
You can stand for a long time if someone is holding your hands and you can even take a few steps that way too.
Did I mention the cellulite? Cuz your thighs are full of that deelishus baby cellulite. I love it.