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Free museum admission this Saturday! Go to this link to find a museum near you and get some edumacation in you :)

Fluff and Stuff

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Fluff: I bought a whole bunch of cloth diapers before I even knew that I was preggers (but coincidentially after I conceived). The only problem is that they're all girl diapers. Like hot pink and flowers and butterflies. I even bought dye to dye some other diapers that I had around that weren't of any particular color. My whole stash was complete until almost potty training time. I spent around $300 on that stash. Granted, some of those diapers were actually bought for The Kid and a lot of the stuff can be interchanged between the both of them. My only problem right now is that I don't think The Hubby will let me put a diaper on baby D that says: Daddy's little princess. But gosh, cloth diapering is so addictive that the first thing that crossed my mind after I got over the shock of having another boy is: Great! Now I get to sell all my diapers and buy new ones! Whoo-hoo! Which kinda sucks at this moment since it seems like everyone who cloth diapers is having a boy making all the boy stuff very expensive. Also making all the girl stuff up for sale very cheap. I'm hoping to recuperate the money I've invested in the girl fluff enough so that I can buy the boy stuff. It might not go as planned. I went through my stash and at least half of it is gender neutral enough to be usable with a boy and since I didn't get to dye those diapers, I'll be able to dye them boy colors instead of the hot pink and violet that I planned. My only question is this, will a lavender diaper be manly enough for a boy or will it wuss him out?
Stuff: You see that little thingamajig on my sidebar that has a lil fetus on it? Well, imagine that same thing, only with a fetus that is tapdancing on your bladder and whose head is pressing so hard against your back nerves that it hurts to walk.

That's me in a nutshell.


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Gosh, when will I surround myself with more cultured folk? Today we had a farewell party for one of the interns. They ordered pizza. The manager asked if we had any special requests so of course I said "hawaiian with bacon instead of ham." I didn't think they'd listen to me since they have written me off as the loon of the company and all but they did seeing as how I was the only person to ask for a special request. Those vampires! They ate my pizza! They only allowed me to take two slices and they ate an extra large pizza within minutes! No fair! I wanted it for myself! Don't mess with G-Masta's food, fool. Don't even think about it. Now I'm stuck eating a plain cheese slice with ketchup for the crust of course.:)

I'm back

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So, I had a car accident on sunday (don't worry, I'm okay) and my doctor said that it would be better if I stayed home and took it easy for a few days so she put me on bedrest until this morning. Which means that I was completely out of the loop for a whole week internets, how did you manage to breathe and blink in my absence? The good news is that That One is fine, all the body parts are in place: heads, arms, legs, peepees, etc.

That's right, it's a boy! Plus they said that he'll be here sooner than we expected and changed the due date from 1/21 to 1/11. Goodness, can't wait to meet this lil dude!

You know you've hit rock bottom when....

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Your prenatal vitamin of choice just happens to be Flinstone's Sour Gummies and you fight your toddler for the bottle....

Do you think I've a problem?