Posted by sourpatchbaby | 9/21/2007 | , | 1 comments »

Gosh, when will I surround myself with more cultured folk? Today we had a farewell party for one of the interns. They ordered pizza. The manager asked if we had any special requests so of course I said "hawaiian with bacon instead of ham." I didn't think they'd listen to me since they have written me off as the loon of the company and all but they did seeing as how I was the only person to ask for a special request. Those vampires! They ate my pizza! They only allowed me to take two slices and they ate an extra large pizza within minutes! No fair! I wanted it for myself! Don't mess with G-Masta's food, fool. Don't even think about it. Now I'm stuck eating a plain cheese slice with ketchup for the crust of course.:)


  1. bestnailtec // 2:31 PM  

    I too love pizza, but with everyhing on it...none of that plain stuff with me. Thank you for visiting my humble will be reading alot of interesting stories, seeing that I to deal with alot of different people....that are not culturally exposed as well as your folk!