I'm back

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 9/14/2007 | , , , | 5 comments »

So, I had a car accident on sunday (don't worry, I'm okay) and my doctor said that it would be better if I stayed home and took it easy for a few days so she put me on bedrest until this morning. Which means that I was completely out of the loop for a whole week internets, how did you manage to breathe and blink in my absence? The good news is that That One is fine, all the body parts are in place: heads, arms, legs, peepees, etc.

That's right, it's a boy! Plus they said that he'll be here sooner than we expected and changed the due date from 1/21 to 1/11. Goodness, can't wait to meet this lil dude!


  1. creative-type dad // 2:31 PM  

    Yikes! Happy to hear all is well.

  2. Diana // 6:11 PM  

    Another boy! That's going to be fun when they're toddlers...hehehe. Glad you're okay dude.

  3. Grey Street Kate // 7:10 PM  

    I can't wait to meet him too!

    My friend Jackie is having a boy due around the same time as you. Maybe I should just call her my Puerto Rican Gxxxxxxe (you know the middle part).

    But I would eventually like to see my G-masta (Which, by the way, is my internet name for you! Yes, I chose it) sometime in the near millenium.

    I actually get 2 weeks vaca as of January 08 and I may take the vacation sometime late springish?

    The auntie has agreed to accompany me, and tour me Disney n' stuff. But that isn't solid. I am coming. Someday. You best prepare, FOO!

  4. cube dweller // 5:28 PM  

    Wow that is scary. Glad to hear you and the little one our okay.

  5. Grey Street Kate // 6:57 PM  

    you keeps ignorin' my comments. Since Katie can only comments once in a blue-moon, it's bothersome.):