My little boy is growing up!

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I just finished most of the paperwork to enroll The Kid in skool. He starts on 8/4 and is just so excited! He's going to this montessori academy. I took a tour of the skool on Friday and saw the different classrooms. Their four year olds are already doing long division! And reading! Although I'm sure that The Kid's favorite thing will be a toss up between the slides, gymnastics class, and lunch/snack time. Pretty sure that naptime will be his most hated subject. I'm so proud of him! He's going to do great in skool and the fact that we can now afford(not really, it'll be a tight fit but it's a sacrifice worth making) to send him to this great place makes me happy. If I can't stay home with my kiddos and teach them stuff, I might as well find a skool that will teach them the same way that I would. He's going to be having math, science, social studies, practical life, and reading classes in addition to gymnnastics (not sure about dance) and whatever else they throw in.

It's going to work out great. He'll be there from 9-3pm, I'll drop him off and pick him up at the sitter's and she'll take him to and from skool. I don't have to switch my schedule around, the sitter gets rid of him for 6 hours a day, and Duckie gets to have personal one on one time with the sitter and her family. See, everybody wins.

It will hopefully serve as a distraction for him what with daddy being gone and all. Maybe then he'll stop picking on his baby brother.

On weds as I was getting ready to go to work, tragedy struck. I'd been in the kitchen getting some things prepared for The Kid when I heard a gutwrenching bloodcurling scream.

Duckie had falled out of bed. This wasn't your normal day to day kid fell out of bed. He'd somehow fallen at an angle and was actually balancing his body on his nose.

Poor thing, he had blood coming out of his nose like it was nobody's business. Several phone calls later to the pedi's office found me on my way to the ER to get x-rays done to make sure his nose wasn't broken. Thank God it wasn't, but holding him down while they took the xray was almost as bad as holding him down while that inept nurse that drew his blood poked him several times and shook the needle back and forth and to and fro because she couldn't find his vein. I wanted to hurt her like she hurt my baby.

He's on the mend now, all he has to show for it is a scrape on the tip of his nose but now that I'm doubly sure that he can get out of his crib and land on the bed and then land on the floor; I think that I'll put his mattress on the floor.

sweet and savory popcorn recipe

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or my sister traumatized the heck out of me.

1 jiffy pop popcorn container with english instructions
1 child that doesn't speak english
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups sugar
3 guinea pigs

When I was about 6 years old my mom went from lonuevayores (new york) to our random caribbean island to visit us. In her bag was one of these Now, if you've seen these you will note that the instructions are in english and that it has three distinct pictures. First picture has the container on the stove, second picture has the top lid thing raised up high, and the third pic is opened up with the popcorn coming out. Keep that in mind for future reference it'll explain a lot.

So, my two cousins, my sister, and I were alone in the house and we(as in my sister) wanted some popcorn. We/she decided that even though we only spoke and read spanish that we wouldn't need an adult to help. Nevermind the fact that we had a gas stove that didn't have a pilot light. She decided that she was big enough and old enough to work the stove and read directions. She went by the pictures and sure enough, put the pan on the heat (picture one). After a few minutes the popcorn started to raise up the lid part(picture two) and we were happy that the popcorn was almost ours but we had to wait until the lid opened up (picture three). We waited, and waited, and waited. The popcorn was burning (we could smell something was off) but she refused to take it off the stove because the picture said that when it was done it would open up. She finally relented and took it off the heat.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the popcorn inside was black. And it stunk to high heaven. My sister, being the good loving sister that she is, decided that it could not be put to waste but that we should eat it. ....She served it in several cups, added salt to the popcorn because that's what you eat it with. And then she decided to add sugar to it to offset the burn taste. She accidentally put in a lot of sugar, it was like 1/2 full of sugar and had a few kernels floating in it. So she put in more salt to offset some of that sugar.

Because she was two years older than us she made us eat it. To this day I can't stand not even the smell of popcorn, much less the taste.

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As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

She almost crashed into me!

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I pulled into my sitter's driveway yesterday to drop off The Kid. She has a long driveway that fits three and a half cars in it and her car was parked (and off) in its usual spot. I stopped about 1 car lenght away from her car, turned it off and was about to get out when her car turned on, break lights came on and she started to back up. I honked at her and she saw me and stopped literally inches from my car. She didn't see me..... Thankfully the car was okay.

Still, had me wondering just how much attention she pays when she backs up. I mean, she lives in a residential neighborhood and there are tons of little children around.

The cure for the gas price hike

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If gas prices continue to rise

He fought the watermelon and he won

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Aint he cute?

That only a mother

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could love a poopy face like this.

As promised, handy dandy woman pics

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ain't it a beaut? You must forgive the dirty floor, it's been rainy outside and everytime we come in, we drag stuff through the entryway.

And don't even mention anything about the dozens of bent nails. YOU try to hammer in some flimsy nails to concrete.

Or I'd have tore him a new one. You see, one of the biggest arguments that we have is regarding money. Not how much I spend or he spends, but the actual paying of the bills, budgeting kind of fights. The problem was that he wouldn't let me see the bills and he would pay them himself. I'm not kidding you when I say that we've had several talks with the pastors regarding this. They were always on my side because as his wife and a bringer of money, I should know what the money is being spent on.

Well, the past few days I've been going over the finances and let me just tell you that angry does not even begin to cover what I'm feeling. Let's just say that our take home income is about 1/4 of our monthly bills. Where was the rest of the money coming from you may ask? From an equity line of credit that we have. Said equity is emptied out and mr. sourpatch decided to run away instead of getting a real job and doing his part.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that he hasn't been working. It's just that since The Kid was born and he quit his job so that he could study and then start his own business things had been going downhill. Especially since the construction business is slow. Especially since he'd been getting work from a good for nothing "christian" and I use that term loosely. I'd been telling that man to get a job, any job but the man had his sight set on that he could only work at a Lowe's or a Home Depot. Not sure why, since he used to work in the corporate world and made good money. He also didn't want a job that would pay less than 15/hr. because we wouldn't be able to live otherwise. But yet it was okay for him to stay home and wait on his good for nothing boss that owes us several thousand dollars for back pay to call him up and give him more work. I tell you, I'm seriously thinking of suing that good for nothing. And he called himself a christian. Any christian worth their salt would borrow money if need be so that they could pay their employees NOT take the money that they received and pay their own bills totally forgetting the employees.

Right now, I have to come up with several thousand dollars to pay all the late bills and hopefully stop some things from getting cut. Keep in mind that after health insurance is paid, my paycheck only covers gas, daycare, and groceries. That's it. I guess it's time to break out the stripper clothes and go hang out in the corner.

New Blog

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You guys should run over and check out my other blog, baby led weaning for dummies. In it, I'll chronicle my journey of weaning Duckie into straight up adult food. No baby food for him. There will be plenty of messy baby pictures in there as well.

He didn't call

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He was supposed to call on Sunday. It's the only day of the week when they're allowed to make phone calls and he didn't call. Now I'm worried that something's happened...

I miss him so.