sweet and savory popcorn recipe

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 7/18/2008 | , | 2 comments »

or my sister traumatized the heck out of me.

1 jiffy pop popcorn container with english instructions
1 child that doesn't speak english
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups sugar
3 guinea pigs

When I was about 6 years old my mom went from lonuevayores (new york) to our random caribbean island to visit us. In her bag was one of these Now, if you've seen these you will note that the instructions are in english and that it has three distinct pictures. First picture has the container on the stove, second picture has the top lid thing raised up high, and the third pic is opened up with the popcorn coming out. Keep that in mind for future reference it'll explain a lot.

So, my two cousins, my sister, and I were alone in the house and we(as in my sister) wanted some popcorn. We/she decided that even though we only spoke and read spanish that we wouldn't need an adult to help. Nevermind the fact that we had a gas stove that didn't have a pilot light. She decided that she was big enough and old enough to work the stove and read directions. She went by the pictures and sure enough, put the pan on the heat (picture one). After a few minutes the popcorn started to raise up the lid part(picture two) and we were happy that the popcorn was almost ours but we had to wait until the lid opened up (picture three). We waited, and waited, and waited. The popcorn was burning (we could smell something was off) but she refused to take it off the stove because the picture said that when it was done it would open up. She finally relented and took it off the heat.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the popcorn inside was black. And it stunk to high heaven. My sister, being the good loving sister that she is, decided that it could not be put to waste but that we should eat it. ....She served it in several cups, added salt to the popcorn because that's what you eat it with. And then she decided to add sugar to it to offset the burn taste. She accidentally put in a lot of sugar, it was like 1/2 full of sugar and had a few kernels floating in it. So she put in more salt to offset some of that sugar.

Because she was two years older than us she made us eat it. To this day I can't stand not even the smell of popcorn, much less the taste.


  1. Diana // 6:06 PM  

    wow. i don't blame you.
    when i was pregnant with my son i hated popcorn. dont know why, couldnt even smell it without feeling sick. still today i'm iffy about eating it. he loves it though...

  2. Diana // 8:15 AM  

    hey have you been able to talk to your hubby lately? how are things going for him???