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Tony, this one's for you! I have to get the pics out of my camera and upload them here though. We went to a waterpark on Saturday and what do you think we saw???

A KFC all you can eat buffet! Yes! With the colonel's chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and everything in the menu as an all you can eat!

And he was crying telling me that he made caca and needed to get his dipe changed. Poor thing was farting like he ate a can of beans. It was cute that he didn't want the ickyness near him but not cute when he forced me to change his dipe twice..

Oh goodness, I got a troll. That must mean that I'm getting to be popular! Yay! But I still want to adress the things that this crazy has written. Awhile back (and by that I mean January), I posted something and in it I mentioned my habit of standing close to The Hubby and stealing his oxygen. Well, it seems like some weirdos out there don't realize that it's my blog and that in it I post my thoughts. And also, these weirdos don't even have the manstuff to put their names on their posting. They choose to post anonymously. So, since they decided to post this at like 2am last night, I'm going to address it here so that Katie can take a crack at them. Here's what the HeShe posted:

Anonymous said...
You are a real whacko! I breathe all the air around him? Gosh, heck with the bango equiptment I would be running for clean air.. You are really a nut=case and feel sorry for your bango church boy!

2:20 AM

First of all dear anon: When quoting someone it is best to mark it differently since it could be mistaken as your own thoughts. What do you mean by a whacko? I understand wacko and I know there's a game called whackamole. Are you calling me some sort of condensed version of these two words? Please elaborate on that. Now, if you're breathing all the air around my hubby stop before you need to open your mouth when I have to tie my shoe. Only I am allowed to do that, that's why I'm married to him. Get your own hubby to give you free used oxygen. Second, equiptment is not spelled that way. Get a spellchecker. And if you start crying about how posting doesn't have spellchecker, type your info in Word first and then copy/paste in the comment box. Or pass first grade, whatever.

I'm not even going to address the bango equipment (or bango equiptment, as you so kindly pointed out) since I have no idea what you mean by that. As far as I know, I don't have now nor have ever had any interest in bangos. In fact, this is a time when spellchecker might have come in handy since I think you're referring to a banjo (which is a musical instrument to be listened to only in the presence of homemade moonshine or so I'm told). That is, unless in your twisted mind you're pointing out some obscure inane reference of a sexual nature. In that case, I want no part of that and leave me the heck out of it.

Also, I'm not sure where you got your information but nut does not equal case like you point out. But going by your preceeding grammar mistakes, you probably mean a nut case. That's not quite correct either since I am not a case of mixed nuts. Although I do want to know what Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island has to do with nuts. But I digress. See, in order to be a nut case I would have to be different than the rest of the folks out there and there are not two people alike. There are like minded people out there but even they don't agree on every single thing. Not even identical twins raised in a bubble agree on all of the things all of the time. Which means that YOU my nonfriend, are a nut case yourself, maybe you can tell me what the heck a mongongo is (right there under the search for nut case).

And I don't feel sorry for a bango church boy. I don't know any bango church boys but then again, not knowing what the heck a bango is limits my ability to answer this truthfully. Please elaborate on bango church boy. I think that HeShe likes these bangos and while I certainly appreciate new made up words, I usually let people know in advance what my new made up words mean before I start using them liberally in a sentence. You should try that.

These pregnancy dreams have got to stop

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Okay so I keep having all these pregnancy dreams. Each one nuttier than the one before. I blame katie for them. Somehow she's responsible for it. Either she alien abducted me and implanted some sort of chip in me or she is my baby daddy. Which judging by one of my previous dreams might just be true.

I dreamt that The Hubby was going to jail for several years (why, I don't know) and he forced me to divorce him and marry one of my bosses. An old man who happens to be married himself. It was so that he could protect me while The Hubby was in the slammer. Well, The Hubby didn't want it to be a paper marriage but a real one so I ended up having twins with the old man. The dream ended with The Hubby getting to be released and me feeling sad because I was going to get divorced to oldie and marry The Hubby again. It was most odd.

Then of course is the dream where Katie had boy parts and some sort of diaper rash (could've been clamydia or syphilis)

Then I dreamt that I was giving birth to the parasite and that I was all mad bc I'd just bought a lot of maternity clothes that I wouldn't be able to use anymore since the babe wouldn't be in my belly. I also kept yelling at The Hubby and was very mad at him for some reason. He probably refused to get me a garlic shrimp milkshake or something.

Speaking of cravings, I never had any with The Kid but am starting to have all these crazy cravings with this pregnancy. Like how a few days ago I just had to eat apples covered in mayo. And it tasted good, baby. Or how I ended up getting a flat tire looking for a spanish store that sold the particular brand of salami that I wanted to fry up and eat with eggs over easy.

Actually, I didn't so much get a flat tire as I tried to do a u-turn at an intersection where there was no room to do one and ended up hitting one of my tires against the curb. And the hit was so hard that it popped the tire rending it unusable.


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Sorry my posting's been off. I actually had a vacation! Wee! Of course, I stayed home all week long and did nothing but I didn't have to work and got paid for it and that's all that counts.