These pregnancy dreams have got to stop

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 8/09/2007 | , , | 5 comments »

Okay so I keep having all these pregnancy dreams. Each one nuttier than the one before. I blame katie for them. Somehow she's responsible for it. Either she alien abducted me and implanted some sort of chip in me or she is my baby daddy. Which judging by one of my previous dreams might just be true.

I dreamt that The Hubby was going to jail for several years (why, I don't know) and he forced me to divorce him and marry one of my bosses. An old man who happens to be married himself. It was so that he could protect me while The Hubby was in the slammer. Well, The Hubby didn't want it to be a paper marriage but a real one so I ended up having twins with the old man. The dream ended with The Hubby getting to be released and me feeling sad because I was going to get divorced to oldie and marry The Hubby again. It was most odd.

Then of course is the dream where Katie had boy parts and some sort of diaper rash (could've been clamydia or syphilis)

Then I dreamt that I was giving birth to the parasite and that I was all mad bc I'd just bought a lot of maternity clothes that I wouldn't be able to use anymore since the babe wouldn't be in my belly. I also kept yelling at The Hubby and was very mad at him for some reason. He probably refused to get me a garlic shrimp milkshake or something.

Speaking of cravings, I never had any with The Kid but am starting to have all these crazy cravings with this pregnancy. Like how a few days ago I just had to eat apples covered in mayo. And it tasted good, baby. Or how I ended up getting a flat tire looking for a spanish store that sold the particular brand of salami that I wanted to fry up and eat with eggs over easy.

Actually, I didn't so much get a flat tire as I tried to do a u-turn at an intersection where there was no room to do one and ended up hitting one of my tires against the curb. And the hit was so hard that it popped the tire rending it unusable.


  1. Katherine Marie // 8:20 AM  

    OoO.. if I'm the baby daddy, do I get to help name the little parasite?!??

    I'm voting for Nny (boy) or Lenore (gal). Or vise versa.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 12:28 PM  

    Nope, I already had a dog named Nny. Don't think I can name a child that now. Plus I already put my order in and I'm going to have a girl. I'm thinking maybe Adrianna, Arianna, or some cute name like that. I really don't think that The Hubby will go for a name like Lenore or Morganna for the child. He's picky enough as is. But thanks for the JTHM references though.

  3. Katherine Marie // 1:52 PM  

    SCREW HIM! As your prophetic dreams CLEARLY showed, I am the babby daddy! I get to name it!

    Imagine that I'm screaming this hysterically with a thick Trailer-Park-Trash-On-Maury-Povich type accent.

    On another note, even though I fully intend to probably never breed, I'm into more old fashioned girls names (which you are NOT allowed to steal)

    This is my list, with the middle name included:

    Elizabeth Jeanette
    (nickname Lizzy or Libby)

    Madalyn Margaret
    (nickname Maddie)

    Grace Jean

    Margaret Ashley Jeanette
    (Nickname Maggie)

    Claudia Jeanette

    and my only boys names are:

    Jack Robert Theodore
    Theodore (nickname Teddy)

    But who's breeding? Not I. Really.

  4. sourpatchbaby // 3:29 PM  

    Kinda difficult for you to be my baby's daddy when A: you don't have a working seamen factory and B: you're a bizillion miles away. Unless you alien abducted me and then it's not really your baby but your clone. And if that's true, then so help us God...

  5. Katherine Marie // 12:33 PM  

    Yes. I am an alien. I abducted you. It is MY CLONE. Yes. God help you all. I am in the midst of populating the universe with number one. That is me. Hell yes.