I'm Back!!!

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I'm back, and better than ever. Even though right now I don't have time for a lenghty post, I wanted you guys to see my new 'do. D'ya like? I switched to the Beta thingamajigger and I think am in love.....

Sorry I've been MIA

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Sorry that I've been gone so long. Have had very sporadic internet access. Have very big test coming up on Saturday. Once that's done, I will be able to resume blogginess.

I'd do the same too

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In reading yesterday's news, I have come to the conclusion that yes, I would do exactly the same thing. I think that the prosecution is going to have a very hard time convicting him of murder 1. They will probably go for manslaughter or even try to get a plea deal before the case goes to trial. I know if I was a jury member, I would let this man walk free. What else could he have done when his wife told him their creepy neighbor had molested his two year old? The sad thing is, that old man probably had other victims out there that may never come out and say it. People like that are like slugs. Only instead of slobber, they leave behind a path of sadness and destruction. And instead of salt, knives are used to destroy them. I'm not saying that he deserved it, but I'm not saying that he didn't.


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These are some pictures of my wedding. The quality's not very good because they were taken with my phone of other pictures (picture of a picture, if you get my drift). The first one is of The Hubby, The Girl! and me. The next is mine before the ceremony. Notice my long gown. I loved that dress, cost more that the whole reception but I didn't care. It was my hard earned money after all. Hope you like!

Karma is contagious

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Diana's karma is at it again. Yesterday The Kid got hurt. He was trying to climb all over the computer and me while I was trying to do my homework when he slipped and fell flat on my shoe. Am such a horrible mother. Didn't want to take a more closeup of the picture because it just made me sad. His first bump, and it's all my fault. Curse you karma! I shake my fists at you!!!!!