Karma is contagious

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 9/01/2006 | 3 comments »

Diana's karma is at it again. Yesterday The Kid got hurt. He was trying to climb all over the computer and me while I was trying to do my homework when he slipped and fell flat on my shoe. Am such a horrible mother. Didn't want to take a more closeup of the picture because it just made me sad. His first bump, and it's all my fault. Curse you karma! I shake my fists at you!!!!!


  1. Dream Mommy // 12:37 PM  


    Don't send the Karma to me. Baby N would probably get taken away.

    I can't wait til he's out of state care!!!

  2. sourpatchbaby // 12:41 PM  

    No, I think that karma already got him. What with the bug bites and all. He should be covered with that. No need to worry.

  3. Diana // 10:37 AM  

    Ha. I'm beginning to think Karma is just renting a room in my house now, once you come to my page, you'll see.

    As for The Kid, awwww! Poor baby! But isn't it amazing that they get hurt doing these things, and still want to go back and do what got them hurt???