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I think I might have to smack The Hubby around. He has officially driven me crazy. Little background for you: at the start of every single semester, I have to explain over and over to him exactly why I am not out of school yet, and how long it's going to take me to finish school. Every. Freaking. Semester. And every semester he "forgets" that I had given him this information. Anyways, This weekend classes started. One of my classes, I couldn't buy the book the same day class started because the store was already closed. I asked a kid on my class how much he paid and he gave me the info (65ish, used). I called the store he got it from on Monday (class was Sat afternoon, they didn't open again until Monday) and was told they were all out of the used and new books. That left me with no choice but to go to the skool store and buy from them.

Now I know by now all the used books are gone, and I will have to buy a new one. Used books go for 1/2 the cost of new ones, for those of you who don't know. The Hubby has me check on to see if the book is on sale cheaper there. I check, it's for about the same as a used book if I get the overnight delivery. I have to have the book in my hands before thursday as I have an assignment due on Sunday and I need time to complete it. The Hubby has me email him the information that I pulled on Amazon. I have no idea why, he was right next to me when I pulled it up and he could see it then. Today, just before lunch he starts im'ing me and asking how much is the book; how much does it cost with shipping; why can't I go to the store and buy it from them; why is it going to cost 100+ when I had given him a completely different price before; what do I mean by their not having the book; who told me that; blah blah blah

Then he tells me that he doesn't get paid until Thursday, which doesnt' matter, he has credit cards he can use. Then he tells me that he transferred the money (we have separate accounts) to my account and for me to buy it. Keep in mind that I need this book asap and that he has the ISBN number for the book with him, not me. Also note that it's past noon already and if I buy the book now, it won't ship until tomorrow and I will be hard pressed to finish the assigment. Keep in mind that IF I HAD KNOWN THAT I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO BUY THE STUPID BOOK MYSELF, HE COULD'VE TRANSFERRED ME THE STINKIN' MONEY AND I COULD'VE BOUGHT IT ON MONDAY, AND COULD'VE HAD IT IN MY HAND BY WED! Also, I would have to put down the routing number of my account. Number that I don't have because my checkbook was in a box that The Hubby unpacked when we moved; contents of said box have gone to box heaven, never to be seen again.


What makes me mad is how he acts so innocent and doesn't seem to realize how much he's annoying me. He actually seems to sound "surprised" to know that he has annoyed me. I swear, if it was once or twice; it wouldn't be that big a deal. Every freakin' semester we get into an argument. I can't fanthom what makes him so dumb everytime. He always tells me the same thing: you never told me (how many credits you need/are taking/how much it's gonna cost. Your pick), if you had, blah blah blah.

Sometimes my husband makes me wonder if The Hubby stuck a crayon too far up his nose when he was a child.


  1. Diana // 2:47 PM  

    they are just stupid. We have to remind them of things constantly, but yet they don't want to be spoken to like they're children...hmmm, we can't win.