I don't like Blogger

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 8/03/2006 | 2 comments »

I tried to upload some pictures of The Kid, so that you all may bask in the deeelishus cheeks but stupid blogger won't let me. I think it's gay. yup, very gay. I saw something on the news yesterday that made me do a double take. A couple walking in a Walmart parking lot heard crying and saw a pair of five month old twins inside a car! The window was "craked"! How the heck does someone do this to their kid? The man reached in and opened the door to get the kids out and they called the cops. The doctor that checked the kids said that the temperature inside the car was at least 115 degrees! He said that the children were taken out just in time. The stupid woman (I refuse to call her mother for very obvious reasons) came out of the store 30 SWELTERING MINUTES LATER!!!!!! Thank God that the passerbys heard the children and didn't hesitate to take them out. The police arrested her butt and I hope she stays in jail for a long time.

How does someone just ups and leaves their child in the car? To go to the store for God's sake! I'm extremely paranoid that I will forget The Kid in the car one day and am always checking and rechecking the backseat everytime that I go down to my car to pump at work. It's unbelievable, someone should take her reproductive organs and beat her over the head with them. There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior and she should not be able to regain custody of the children. I better get back to work now. The past few days I have done nothing except camp out over at Karen's from thenakedovary.typepad.com. She got her referral! Please go over and congratulate her on her beautiful Maya Papaya! I fear that I may be fired or something for not doing my job. Better get back to doing it then. Ciao


  1. Diana // 3:19 PM  

    wow, stupid woman indeed.
    I'd like to know why she thought she could make a "quick stop" at wal*mart, doesn't she know there is no such thing?
    She should have just brought someone with her if she needed help with the kids! Geez...

  2. Dream Mommy // 2:03 PM  

    I had to drop something off the other day and I actually called the person to meet me at the car, to not have to upload baby N to leave the car for "just a minute"

    I've seen someone leave their baby in the car with the engine running! Hello!!! Ever heard of kidnappers.

    If it weren't illegal, I would like to have drove the car around the block and came back to teach them what "could have happened." Maybe there should be cops who do things like that instead of writing tickets!