Posted by sourpatchbaby | 8/16/2006 | 2 comments »

This is a picture of The Kid, aka Joseph. Ain't he a cutie?
Anyways, am feeling loads of love for him today. The boy slept from 11pm to 6:30am last night! In his 10 months of life, that was only the second time that he let me sleep for more than three hours at a time. Lots and lots of love for him are in order. Will give him extra smoochy kisses later on. I gave blood today. Am feeling extremely dizzy now. Hubby was all like, What? You not big enough to donate! You're gonna disappear on me! What's wrong with you? Feed me! ME ME MEMEMEMEME! And other such things.

The next picture was obviously taken at birth. Notice his nakeyness! Do you think that The Kid will be traumatized to know that his mom thought that he looked like a dead baby hippoppotamus (sp) when he was born? On my defense, I had no contacts and the glasses were sweaty. But I do remember that thought crossing my mind the moment that he came out (I was looking through the mirror). Also, he reminded me of that Ace Ventura movie where he comes out of the poopshoot of the hippo robot and he's all nakey. Crazy thoughts that went on my head at the time, no? Now am horrified that The Kid will grow up stooped because his mom thought he looked dead, but he really looked gray, extremely gray and lifeless. I think I'll shut up now.


  1. Diana // 1:35 PM  

    That boy is a cutie! That smile will win many hearts!
    I had weird thoughts when my son was born, too. Like: Um- why is he so light (coloring)are you sure this is my son? Is he going to be BLIND? (His eyes were swollen shut from the traumatic birth) and so on...
    then they handed him to me and I shut up.

  2. Dream Mommy // 1:58 PM  

    He's so precious!