Yeah, it's me again

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 8/15/2006 | 4 comments »

Sorry I've been gone for awhile. Had a bunch of things happen. Anyhoo let me tell you how my weenkend turned out.

First of all, let me say that my brother in law and his wife came to visit with their newborn baby before my BIL goes to Irak. On Sunday, at like 8pm I am informed that I'm to make dinner for said brother and sister in law at my house on monday night. That would be okay except that I had nothing to feed these people. I tried to go to the store, keyword tried. When I was at the register, I realized that a certain The Kid had taken my card out of the purse. Had no money whatsoever and had to leave everything in the register. Then I had to go to skool yesterday morning to take care of some things. God, that was not fun at all. I had to stand for TWO hours waiting for the apt time (they just changed the rules and a person can't just show up to the financial aid office, they have to stand in a line for an apt card) (oh, and did I mention that The Kid was with me for the ride? Yeah, that was fun). Then once I get out of financial aid office I have to go to the advising office where am told that the elective class that I have chosen for this semester doesn't count as an elective! Why the heck is it called elective then? Of course, their server is broken and I can't sign up for another class at all because that's the only place I can sign up at. Then I had to go to two different offices in skool so I could finish up my junk and make sure that yes, I'm to graduate in the spring. By the time I was done it was close to 2pm and had to take The Kid with me to work. Double fun. Then I had to go home and cook. I told the BIL to come to the house around 8ish since I don't get home 'till 6. The mother in law is all: 8pm! You'll be starving by then! six oclock! six thirty! that's dinner time! (never mind that she knows for a fact that I don't get home until six and sometimes later).

I had a pretty nice spread, rice with carrots, grilled chicken, beans, salad, homemade coconut ice cream (or limbel, like my in laws refer to the ice cream) for dessert. Of course my dining room table only seats four people, and of course the mother in law tagged along. First of all, she didn't even knock, she just opened the front door and walked in (much fist shaking was done on my part towards Hubby since he left door unlocked). Then she doesn't even acknowledge my existence until forced to. Let me tell you, it's pretty difficult to fit 5 people in a table built for 4; but I set the table and we were seated. Thank goodness my husband forewarned me that she might want to tag along and I cooked an extra chicken breast for her, although I gotta admit, I kinda wanted not to do it so that she would get the point that when she's not invited that it means she's not invited. Then she wouldn't allow my BIL to serve her, she had to do it herself. SHE PICKED EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CARROT OUT OF THE ITSY BITSY SPOONFUL OF RICE SHE SERVED HERSELF! That annoyed me because, if you go to eat at a person's house, then eat the stupid food! Will it kill you to be polite and eat the food? (she's not allergic or something, she just.doesn' Of course she didn't serve herself salad. She was mad that there wasn't anything fried to go with the meal (she didn't say it, but she has mentioned a hundred times before how she HAS to have something fried with every meal). Then she took the tiniest piece of chicken, I don't know if she wanted to martyrize herself or what (she doesn't like my cooking because I like to cook healthy. As in olive oil, baked not fried, lean not fatty, oh, and I use herbs to season my food. go figure) but she looked pained when said BIL took all the beans that we had and dumped them on his plate, so there was none for her. Then there was no soda (we try to not drink soda {well, when I'm around Hubby} and BIL and wifey only drink water) so she was forced to gasp! drink water even though we had lovely Juicy Juices and iced teas. Then she just wouldn't even speak, even after we told her that she was allowed to talk. In the end, she just stood there, by herself, while the rest of us talked and bonded. All in all, taking that monkey wrench out of the equation, we had a lovely time. Oh, and I found out that BIL is not going to see any combat. He will be stationed in Egypt and will just patrol a border, but he'll be gone for a whole year and will miss his firstborn's first year of life. That will suck.


  1. Diana // 2:43 PM  

    That was very disrespectful on you MIL's part, the way she behaved. Geez, would it kill her to eat a carrot? Or just put it on your plate and set it aside? Sorry you had to go through that...

  2. sourpatchbaby // 4:03 PM  

    yeah, I know. The worst thing is, since that's how she eats, she has rubbed it off on Hubby. I have one of the pickiests husbands in the world. He will barely eat anything that grew on the ground for fear of the vitamins and minerals. I'm grateful The Kid will take after me and eat all I put in his plate. Like I always say, until he's 18 or bringing home a paycheck he has no opinion whatsoever.

  3. Dream Mommy // 2:07 PM  

    I don't eat vegetables either. I always feel bad going to someone's house for dinner. I'm extremely picky(some foods literally make me gag and I just cannot put them in my mouth).

  4. sourpatchbaby // 3:52 PM  

    Dream mommy,I understand where you're coming from. The only problem is, she wasn't invited. When I invite people over, I try to make sure I cook things they would like. That's what being a good host is. I guess what made me mad wasn't so much her lack of eating, but her inviting herself over to the house. That's the real problem. Plus, if you're invited somewhere and you don't like the food you can say it; if you invited yourself and then complain about the food is not the same.