5 month update

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Ducky, today you're five months old so let's recap on what you've done this past month.
You no longer scoot around the house in your tummy (although you were quite able to get what you wanted that way), you now rock back and forth in your hands and knees and projectile yourself forwards. It gets the job done and you've got the bruises in your face to prove it. It's not as fast as scooting, but you'll get the hang of it.
You discovered that you have toes, and that you can grab them. This is now your second favorite thing to do besides eating. You love grabbing both feet and rolling to the side.
You're in love with your big brother but wish that he didn't squeeze you so hard. At least he stopped poking your eyes. Now we just have to work on him not sticking his fingers in your mouth.
you talk. A lot. It's all gibbergarble now, but you totally think that we understand you.
Even though that tooth is right there it's still not fully coming out and it's frustrating the heck out of both of us.
You think the world is your chew toy. It's not.

users and abusers

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how come it's okay for people to take advantage of you and expect you to roll over and jump when they say but it's not okay to do the same to them?

I was at home eating dinner when my phone rang. I didn't pick up the phone because I was eating. As soon as my phone stopped ringing, The Hubby's phone rang. And then they called my phone right after again. Now I got home at 6:40pm yesterday and we were eating dinner around 7:30pm. Who was it? Once I finished eating I checked my messages. It was a person telling me that their child had to do a project and that they needed to come to my house and use the computer and since I didn't pick up the phone, they were on the way to my house. It was already past 8:30pm and I had a very cranky baby to deal with and now this person. Now, I'd already spoken to this person about their child's assignment two saturdays ago and he was supposed to come over that day to do the assigment. But once he found out that I didn't have a color printer he said he'd go to kinko's (we do, but it's not hooked up to the pc)so I didn't pay any mind to his message. Especially since this person had spent this saturday at my home from about 8pm until 2am. whatever.

So the person comes over and yup, you guessed it, the assignment is due on 5/20 (today) and the child needs the info asap (they have a pc at their house but they have dial up and don't like to use it a lot). What does this person do? Plops the child in front of the pc and expects me and hubby to help the child do the homework. Because it's easier to sit in the couch and let someone else do it. I was tired, cranky, pukey (ate too much), had a ton of dishes to do and wanted to clean my floors that day but no, I have to entertain this person. I went and sat in the living room with Ducky after I put The Kid to bed and was constantly being pulled away from watching House (did you see it?) to play hostess. blah, blah, blah, blah, I guess what really irked me was that I couldn't spend alone time with The Kid before he went to bed last night and the fact that the other child of this person had been playing with a flashlight of The Hubby's and when they were going to leave, he threw it in the couch. I had to ask him twice if that was the spot where he found the flashlight until the parent caught on and made their kid go and put it back. This after this child kept on putting his shoes on the couch and asking for food (he wasn't hungry, he just wanted junk food. I offered him rice and beans and he looked at me like I'd grown three heads. It aint my fault that your parents feed you junk, don't expect me to feed it to you)

I was preparing dinner last night and had the chillums chillin' in the living room. There's a partial wall that separates the kitchen from the living room and the pantry is in the hallway across the kitchen. Ducky was practicing his crawling (He kinda regressed a bit there because the sitter would leave him all day in either the bassinet or the vibrating chair. and he kinda forgot what he was doing. thankfully I put a stop to that and she's now letting him chill in the floor to do his baby stuff)

I heard Ducky grunting and thought that maybe he'd pushed the toy that I gave him away from him and was trying to get it. I went to the pantry to get something and heard The Kid say "look mommy, look!" I kinda saw what he was doing out of the corner of my eye and turned back to the kitchen. About .2 seconds later a lightbulb turned on in my head and I doubled back to the living room. What do you think I saw internets? Guess, just go ahead and guess......

THE KID WAS SITTING ON TOP OF DUCKY that's what. Not pretending, full on sitting on top of the baby. and bouncing. sitting and bouncing like my baby was some sort of horse of some sort. Ducky was looking up at me with a what's going on up there type of look. the Of course I calmly removed janked The Kid off his brother screaming telling him that we do not ride on the baby. Ducky was fine. At least, I hope he's fine.

Yeah that. When I was a wee baby and only had my top two front teeth; they had me on a baby swing of some sort and a cousin of mine that was about a year older than me decided to push me to play with me. Of course, I ended up flying out of the swing and breaking the only two teeth that I had. I wasn't that mad at the loss of my teeth once I got older cuz I used to suck my thumb and I had a perfect slit for my thumb there. Of course, once all my other baby teeth fell out and were replaced by adult teeth, I thought I'd get my other two teeth back as well. No such luck.

In the past, whenever we'd had a loose tooth that needed to come out, father would send us to get his pliers and he'd pul the tooth out. Once, he had me to bring the pliers outside where he was playing dominoes and drinking beer with his buddies. He then had me lean over on his lap while he pulled the tooth out. I don't think that he ever thought of even wiping clean them pliers before pulling our teeth. And those were his work pliers. You could scrape your nail across it and it'd come out rusty and dirty.

When I was 11 almost 12 my father took me to the dentist (the very first time anyone in my family had ever gone to the dentist) to see why my teeth weren't coming in. Of course, in true random caribbean island fashion there was no electricity over at the dentist's when we got there. We waited a couple of hours and the electricity came back on. Once it did, they took some xrays of my mouth and declared that my adult teeth were there, they just didn't want to come out at this point. Dentist said that they would come out when they darn well pleased and that'll be 200 pesos thank you very much.

They came in about two or three months later. And then you all wonder why I'm weird. I had pliers in my mouth that's why.

Vampire babies

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So, Ducky's first tooth is poking through. Any guess as to where it's at? Anyone? Katie?

It's one of the vampire teeth at the bottom. I'm kinda hoping that he'll get all his canines before anything else so that he can look like this boy. Now that would be kewl. don't you think?

btw, I don't go around searching for goth twin preemie vampire demon babies but someone in my board posted it yesterday. which, coincidentally was the day that we saw ducky's tooth coming through. Coincidence? Casuality? Causality? You choose.

What I'd do with a time machine

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Is sleep for 58 straight hours and then travel back to the time when I started. I'm exhausted and sleepy. Not to mention hungry.

Of course, Duckie sucking his thumb at night helps a lot since he doesn't wake up as often to feed. But for some reason I just can't rest when I sleep. I've already had two nightmares about work. There's nothing like showing up for work already feeling like you just got off an 8 hour shift. Or even worse, having a nightmare on the night that you're taking off, making you feel as if you never left work in the first place.

Did you have to fight your husband to get him to show your boy how to pee like a man? Cuz seriously, I'm thisclose to growing my own manparts and showing The Kid how it's done. Somehow, after four years of marriage The Hubby has grown prude and doesn't want to show his manparts to The Kid.

is all I'm saying....

I hate brushing my teeth

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after I take a shower. I have to choose to either freeze my buns off while I brush them teeths, or wait forever until I get dressed to brush my teeth. And if you know me, you know that it's impossible for me to stay quiet for more than a minute unless I'm sleeping.

Did you do this?

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Katie, is this you?

Just checking.