Did you have to fight your husband to get him to show your boy how to pee like a man? Cuz seriously, I'm thisclose to growing my own manparts and showing The Kid how it's done. Somehow, after four years of marriage The Hubby has grown prude and doesn't want to show his manparts to The Kid.

is all I'm saying....


  1. Anonymous // 4:00 PM  

    I used to push my son into the bathroom whenever my hubby went in there... hubby would show him, but I can't tell you whether he felt funny about it or not cause I never even asked.
    Good luck with that.
    ~diana @ stuck...

  2. creative-type dad // 4:28 PM  

    That's odd. How else is he going to learn?

    I guess instead of growing one you could go to an adult store and buy 'one'.

    OK, I just creeped myself out...

  3. alexandra // 7:08 PM  

    You should ask your hubby how he learned... when he can't answer you tell him that's the same thing your son will say when he grows up... he wont remember that!