I was preparing dinner last night and had the chillums chillin' in the living room. There's a partial wall that separates the kitchen from the living room and the pantry is in the hallway across the kitchen. Ducky was practicing his crawling (He kinda regressed a bit there because the sitter would leave him all day in either the bassinet or the vibrating chair. and he kinda forgot what he was doing. thankfully I put a stop to that and she's now letting him chill in the floor to do his baby stuff)

I heard Ducky grunting and thought that maybe he'd pushed the toy that I gave him away from him and was trying to get it. I went to the pantry to get something and heard The Kid say "look mommy, look!" I kinda saw what he was doing out of the corner of my eye and turned back to the kitchen. About .2 seconds later a lightbulb turned on in my head and I doubled back to the living room. What do you think I saw internets? Guess, just go ahead and guess......

THE KID WAS SITTING ON TOP OF DUCKY that's what. Not pretending, full on sitting on top of the baby. and bouncing. sitting and bouncing like my baby was some sort of horse of some sort. Ducky was looking up at me with a what's going on up there type of look. the Of course I calmly removed janked The Kid off his brother screaming telling him that we do not ride on the baby. Ducky was fine. At least, I hope he's fine.


  1. mama2reese // 3:49 PM  

    I remember being about 5 (so my big Bro was 10) and he was sitting on my face and I was banging on the floor - which my parents were sitting beneath watching TV and they yell up to us "Stop banging on the floor!"