Yeah that. When I was a wee baby and only had my top two front teeth; they had me on a baby swing of some sort and a cousin of mine that was about a year older than me decided to push me to play with me. Of course, I ended up flying out of the swing and breaking the only two teeth that I had. I wasn't that mad at the loss of my teeth once I got older cuz I used to suck my thumb and I had a perfect slit for my thumb there. Of course, once all my other baby teeth fell out and were replaced by adult teeth, I thought I'd get my other two teeth back as well. No such luck.

In the past, whenever we'd had a loose tooth that needed to come out, father would send us to get his pliers and he'd pul the tooth out. Once, he had me to bring the pliers outside where he was playing dominoes and drinking beer with his buddies. He then had me lean over on his lap while he pulled the tooth out. I don't think that he ever thought of even wiping clean them pliers before pulling our teeth. And those were his work pliers. You could scrape your nail across it and it'd come out rusty and dirty.

When I was 11 almost 12 my father took me to the dentist (the very first time anyone in my family had ever gone to the dentist) to see why my teeth weren't coming in. Of course, in true random caribbean island fashion there was no electricity over at the dentist's when we got there. We waited a couple of hours and the electricity came back on. Once it did, they took some xrays of my mouth and declared that my adult teeth were there, they just didn't want to come out at this point. Dentist said that they would come out when they darn well pleased and that'll be 200 pesos thank you very much.

They came in about two or three months later. And then you all wonder why I'm weird. I had pliers in my mouth that's why.