Soap operas!

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Oh my gosh, like, when I was pregnant and at home I got so addicted to the soap opera Passions. My God, I could not get enough of that. Now that I am working full time I have to get my Passions fix whenever I can. I used to go to the NBC website and see their daily updates, but that doesn't work. Half the time they never update anything and they barely put anything there in the first place. Which is how I found this site for Soap Operas. They not only give the spoilers but they give a more in deph synopsis of the episodes. Which is great for me. Now if I can only get a website like that for Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown, I will be in heaven. My life literally revolved around the Soap opera and I can get it to revolve around it once more. I like the way that the website's set up. They give much more than what the NBC website gives and it's very easy to read. The format's great also, they have all the cast lists, archives, and other such important information. I especially like the archives page because NBC only puts down what is to happen that day (if they even update at all) and doesn't have an archive that people can persue. Hey Katie, Judge Joe is "defender of womanhood, promoter of manhood", what do you think it means?

I lost the house

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We were going to try to buy a brand new house for us to move into. After thinking about it, we decided not to. It sucks because that house can beat up our current house. And I'd already gotten my hopes up. S'okay, says The Hubby, we'll get a better house for our needs. Our problem is space. We have to have a double garage to keep The Hubby's tools and to keep the church's trailer. Since our church doesn't have its own temple right now, all the music equipment is stored with us. And it gets cramped sometimes because The Hubby can't carry everything to its spot every sunday (the stuff's really heavy). So if we had a covered garage that would solve that problem. We also have to have plenty of space for The Hubby's trailers and the one that he's planning on buying. I tell you girls, I've got the best hubby in the world (for me that is. For you it most definitely probably may be yours). I have literally tried to take his breath away (by standing reaaally close to him and breathing all the air around him). I tell him that he's not allowed to have any of my oxygen and I must take it all back.

I'm broke

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I just lost my entire post. I suck. Anyways, I had a couple of things bounce on my account and was 90 bucks down the hole. I didnt' even dare let The Hubby know about it. He would have my head with a side salad. Had I known about this online paperless Payday Cash Advance Loans site, things would've been different. Moral of the story? remember to balance your checkbook. And if you just can't not bid on that awsome very cheap Fuzzi Bunz diaper set, well then go get a cash advance loan. I used to think that to get one of these I would have to go to amscot along with all the other really poor really really poor people out there and be humilliated the whole time. But with this site. With this site, I don't even have to leave my house. All I have to do is fill out some online forms and I would get the money deposited into my account. I win! Yay! I'm pretty sure that I might most definitely will probably surely do this next time that I'm strapped for cash. It certainly beats getting a negative mark on my credit report.


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My belly hurts. Monday night I had to go to skool and came back home around 830pm. To find The Kid sleeping. The Hubby had put The Kid down for a nap at 5pm and had let him sleep through. NOT FUN! I made him wake up The Kid and was rewarded with a very hyper, very alert chillum. Of course The Hubby got tired and went to bed at 930ish. So guess who stayed up till midnight with The Kid? Yours truly. I got so mad at The Hubby. It's like he listens to what I tell him, and then goes and does the opposite of that. There's no winning with him.

I guess he felt bad at what he did. I was pretty vocal to The Kid letting him know exactly what I thought of his father for doing that to me knowing that I had to go to work. I only said those things because I was hoping he would be awake and hear me. Last night when I came home from work The Hibby, Hubby made dinner. This is a man whose idea of making dinner is ordering Chinese. He made pepper steak, rice, storebought potato salad, garden salad, and fritters. By himself. I was proud that he was able to work all the complicated knobs of the stove together and of the fact that I didn’t have to cook that night. He’s still in the doghouse for letting The Kid sleep like that. I have more skool today so he better not let him sleep.


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So, house number one is set as sale pending. The realtor person says that it should be two more weeks before it's finished. That's very good because we have to come up with $3000 to pay for the bills of next month. And did I mention we're broke? Yeah, we're broke. Anyways, I heard in the news the other day that last year there were about one million houses that went into foreclosure. That is sad. the article explained how people will sign up for adjustable interest rate mortgages that have very low payments in the first couple of years but that go up after a while. This is bad because people end up with that are triple or even quadruple their original payments. This is why it's very important to have good communication with the realtor/lender that is helping you buy the house. You definitely don't want any bad surprises later on. I also learned that a lot of mortgage lenders will target specific racial areas. How do you say? Well, basically that a person of some color with a great credit may end up with a subprime rate mortgage and a colorless person with a less than great credit may get a better deal on the mortgage. This is one of the reasons why it's great to be informed and have a rapport with the realtor so that they can help you find the best loan for you. Sites like this Mortgage that explain things in a clear way are very helpful. There is a difference in the person that is selling you the house, and the person that is getting you the loan. If you don't make a good connection or feel...odd about a realtor, chances are that they won't help you get a great loan processor. They will probably just want to sell the house and get your money. Don't think that just because the house you like is at a certain company that you must use one of their realtors. Any realtor can sell any house in an area. So, before buying a house, you should find what is called a buyer's realtor (one that will be as good to you as you will be to them) and go scout the city. That's how The Hubby and I were able to buy the house we're selling now. We got a great realtor (who would've been ours for life if not for the fact that he moved to Texas a couple of months ago), who got us a great rate. If your realtor won't let you call them at 3am to discuss paneling and fixtures, then they're not the one for you. You are a needy person, get someone that will feed into your needy personna.

**That was for you Katie, you needy wench you.


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Oh my gosh! I've been so busy lately. What with the skool junk and scholarship applications and stuff. Haven't really had time for updating. So here:

1. The Kid came down with some weird rash. Mainly big mosquito like bumps that were red and swollen. His ear was irrecognizable. Doctor says there was nothing we could do. He's getting better.

2. Updated my resume. For some reason, scholarship apps ask for a resume. The Hubby said if I wanted to go down to city hall and be crowned major, I could. My resume looks all spiff and spam.

3. Started the bizillion essays that go along with the applications.

4. Need to find a way to fund for skool next year. The only way that I can get any kind of financial help is if I go to skool full time next year. That means no worky worky for me (boo hoo, yeah right). But, USF, the cheapest 4 year college around here will cost me nearly $4,000 per semester. Whoring my blogging skills out ain't bringing that kind of dough. Need help.

5. I'm starving. My body will twitch and scream if not fed every.two.hours. Seriously, ask Katie. That means I have to eat double in the mornings to make up for what I didn't eat at night.

6. I got my period last Thursday, it's Thursday again and I still have it. Worst.week.ever. It was so bad I left work early on Friday and didn't come to work on Monday.

7. Did I mention I was starving? Sorry to everyone I didn't comment on this week. It's been.....interesting.

**Updated to add: I just realized I put that my resume was spiff and spam. Should've been spiff and span. I was thinking with my stomach again.

Married and dating?

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I'm not sure, but I think the internet wants me to leave The Hubby. Why, you may ask? Because I keep getting all these emails about meeting single people in my area. That would be okay if:

A) I was looking for people to date
B) I was looking for black single women.

I think it's safe to say that there are a lot of black single women out there in need of dating. Why else would they be online wanting to meet people anonymoulsy? Plus, why would I want to date like minded singles in my area? If I was gonna cheat, I would probably be looking for the like minded swingers in my area, don't you think? Oh well, there are so many websites out there where people can join anonymoulsy and chat/email others to do naughty things. LikeYour Date Link here, for example. I guess if I was looking for stuff, they would be the place to go. But I don't because I get plenty in my inbox.... Seems to me that if I focused nearly half as much time to my marriage that these people spend online, I might have like the bestestsesteringestest marriage in the whole wide world. By the way, the virus thing is still going on. Stupid cubicle people downloading porn off the internet while at work. Don't they realize that they should wait till they get home? I've barely gotten any work done all week what with the no computer thing.
paid post

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to anyone that I couldn't comment on today, this is the reason why. I have become a virus. I know I'm not that productive and really reeeely don't like to work; but a virus? Not even a drain on society, just a virus.

We're sorry...
... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

We'll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google.

Weird dreams

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Okay, so yesterday I had the craziest dream. Here it goes:

I'm at a strip club (girls stripping, not guys). I can't see anyone stripping but I just know. There are a bunch of women at my table and we can see an empty stripper pole in the background. The place is full of men. One of the women at out table (I don't know anybody at all in the place) has her eight year old daughter with her. The mom decides that since it's the girl's birthday (that's right, she was turning eight that day), that the little girl should strip for everybody (all the men around thought it was a pretty good idea). I of course got really mad at the mom and started yelling at her. I told her that "if she wanted someone to strip so badly she should do it herself". Mom of course thought it was a great idea and went off with the club owner to get hair/clothes done. I told the woman that of course she didn't want her child watching her strip, so why don't I take the little girl out to her car until the mom is done doing her "business". Mom said very coldldy "why don't you do that."

I went outside but it was very dark out and there were barely no houses around. It was all woods. The little girl wasn't with me, but the mom was psycho! She was chasing me all through the woods trying to kill me! I ran and ran until I saw someone trying to get in a house and ran to them and asked them to call 911. A cop car came by and (here's were it gets weird) I had this sudden connection with him. It was like love at first sight on both our parts, cuz he felt it too. I never saw the cop's face but knew that he had black hair (The Hubby has black hair and used to be a cop years ago). Eventually more cops came by and they aprehended the woman and CPS came by and took the child away. The cop took me home (there was a part where I'm cold so he's warming me up with his cop jacket only he's still wearing it...) and that was it. We both felt the connection and both wanted to tell the other one that we liked them and that we wanted to go out.....
Oh yeah, I knew that the other women would try to get even with me because psycho mom had lost custody of her daughter because of me.
I had another weird dream last night but have to think twice about it because I can't remember it properly.

No Service

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Server's down. Not even sure if this post is making it through....

Guardian Ad Litem, ctd

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After much thought and consideration, I have decided to postpone my becoming a GAL. This is because I already have a lot on my plate and am not sure how much of my time being a Officer for PTK will take. As of last semester, I only had Thursdays and Mondays evenings free. The other evenings were split between skool and church, most of the weekend was also spent at skool which left little time for the cleaning and such. I will wait until the semester is on its way to see if I will be able to handle all things or if I need to wait until August (that's when I will be allowed to QUIT WORKING!!!!! YAY!!! So that I can go to skool full time and focus only on that! Yay! Only five more years of this skool crap to go!) when skool starts. I do believe that being a GAL is something that I have to do. Someone must speak on behalf of those children and watch out for their best interest. I just don't think that I will be able to do right by the children if I can't even get my personal life in order, you know what I mean? Either way, I will be one this year and will (hopefully) be able to help children in The Bay area. Thank you for your pattings, I was in need of appreciation and love. Don't worry, they won't go unused or abused.

*Also, as you may have already noticed; I have started using the Pay Per Post thing. I will have to do some of their postings because I am in dire need of dinero and the bills ain't gonna pay themselves.

Postie Patrol

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This video absolutely funny. The chick has to do a scavenger hunt for all sorts of pictures and videos in Chicago in a determined amount of time in order to win delishus prizes (like 1000 bucks and Digital Photo Printing and such items). I didn't like the fact that she was all aloof of writing I heart hp on her forehead with a marker. I was all like, woman, you needs to wins the moneys! Git writing already! I was all yelling and screaming at the computer screen wanting her to get it over with. She wasn't very smart if she wanted to wait to find someone who would do it for her. It's not like she was going to share the money with them. I was all like, if they asked me, I would do it in a heartbeat. For $1000? Heck yeah, I would just get a brillo pad and scrub to my hearts content later on. Like five seconds after the money was in my pocket. It's not like the skin wont grow back.
I would so participate in something like this to win cool prizes!

By the way, this post was brought to you by HP.