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Oh my gosh! I've been so busy lately. What with the skool junk and scholarship applications and stuff. Haven't really had time for updating. So here:

1. The Kid came down with some weird rash. Mainly big mosquito like bumps that were red and swollen. His ear was irrecognizable. Doctor says there was nothing we could do. He's getting better.

2. Updated my resume. For some reason, scholarship apps ask for a resume. The Hubby said if I wanted to go down to city hall and be crowned major, I could. My resume looks all spiff and spam.

3. Started the bizillion essays that go along with the applications.

4. Need to find a way to fund for skool next year. The only way that I can get any kind of financial help is if I go to skool full time next year. That means no worky worky for me (boo hoo, yeah right). But, USF, the cheapest 4 year college around here will cost me nearly $4,000 per semester. Whoring my blogging skills out ain't bringing that kind of dough. Need help.

5. I'm starving. My body will twitch and scream if not fed every.two.hours. Seriously, ask Katie. That means I have to eat double in the mornings to make up for what I didn't eat at night.

6. I got my period last Thursday, it's Thursday again and I still have it. Worst.week.ever. It was so bad I left work early on Friday and didn't come to work on Monday.

7. Did I mention I was starving? Sorry to everyone I didn't comment on this week. It's been.....interesting.

**Updated to add: I just realized I put that my resume was spiff and spam. Should've been spiff and span. I was thinking with my stomach again.


  1. Katherine Marie // 6:38 PM  

    Ewww. Spam.