Weird dreams

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 1/09/2007 | 7 comments »

Okay, so yesterday I had the craziest dream. Here it goes:

I'm at a strip club (girls stripping, not guys). I can't see anyone stripping but I just know. There are a bunch of women at my table and we can see an empty stripper pole in the background. The place is full of men. One of the women at out table (I don't know anybody at all in the place) has her eight year old daughter with her. The mom decides that since it's the girl's birthday (that's right, she was turning eight that day), that the little girl should strip for everybody (all the men around thought it was a pretty good idea). I of course got really mad at the mom and started yelling at her. I told her that "if she wanted someone to strip so badly she should do it herself". Mom of course thought it was a great idea and went off with the club owner to get hair/clothes done. I told the woman that of course she didn't want her child watching her strip, so why don't I take the little girl out to her car until the mom is done doing her "business". Mom said very coldldy "why don't you do that."

I went outside but it was very dark out and there were barely no houses around. It was all woods. The little girl wasn't with me, but the mom was psycho! She was chasing me all through the woods trying to kill me! I ran and ran until I saw someone trying to get in a house and ran to them and asked them to call 911. A cop car came by and (here's were it gets weird) I had this sudden connection with him. It was like love at first sight on both our parts, cuz he felt it too. I never saw the cop's face but knew that he had black hair (The Hubby has black hair and used to be a cop years ago). Eventually more cops came by and they aprehended the woman and CPS came by and took the child away. The cop took me home (there was a part where I'm cold so he's warming me up with his cop jacket only he's still wearing it...) and that was it. We both felt the connection and both wanted to tell the other one that we liked them and that we wanted to go out.....
Oh yeah, I knew that the other women would try to get even with me because psycho mom had lost custody of her daughter because of me.
I had another weird dream last night but have to think twice about it because I can't remember it properly.


  1. Katherine Marie // 8:37 AM  

    I think everyone has had some effed up dreams in their lives... I gave up on thinking about mine, they're all a little fruity. Some of them have obvious rationalizations and others are just out there . I'm just glad the ones with evil dolls chasing me have subsided, and the apocolyptic nightmares where our country is bombing itself have all but faded.

  2. Katherine Marie // 8:38 AM  

    But now that I've mentioned them, I'm sure I'll have an army of dolls with hand granades after me in my dreams tonight. In fact, I guarentee so.

  3. sourpatchbaby // 8:42 AM  

    Good God, woman! I remember those dreams! Do tell, does Auntie Chris still has those evil porcelain dolls with the weird teeth?

  4. creative-type dad // 12:10 PM  


    You've been watching too much 'CSI' or 'Saved By The Bell'

    I know I get weird dreams after watching those...

  5. sourpatchbaby // 1:56 PM  

    Nope. I don't really watch CSI and have all but forgotten about SBTB. I do like to watch House.

  6. Katherine Marie // 9:16 PM  

    Yes, they're still there, crowded around her bed like they're getting ready for an evil saince.

    To refresh your memory, these are the dolls she has in her scary stock:

    "Satan": the big doll with twisted legs and an evil grin, she usually sits on the vanity beareau all the way up to the ceiling.

    "Hellraiser": the small upright doll that looks like one of the monsters in the above mentioned movie mated with an undead Shirley Temple.

    "Dead Fetus": the doll that was supposed to look like my cousin David as a baby, but he just looks like David the baby that someone sat on and hence murdered.

    "Murderous Maria": She's not as scary, but what's supposed to be a smile looks more like a forced one. Almost like Maria is smiling because there's a knife behind her back and she knows she's going to kill you.

    Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera.

  7. Katherine Marie // 9:20 PM  

    Just thinking about those dolls makes me want to check all the nooks and crannies in my apartment to make sure they didn't hitch a ride underneith my aunts car.

    Everytime I sleep in her bed (cause she still sleeps on her couch) I make her hide them in her closet. It sort of helps, but I'm always staring at the closet all night because I know they're just waiting for me to make a move.