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After much thought and consideration, I have decided to postpone my becoming a GAL. This is because I already have a lot on my plate and am not sure how much of my time being a Officer for PTK will take. As of last semester, I only had Thursdays and Mondays evenings free. The other evenings were split between skool and church, most of the weekend was also spent at skool which left little time for the cleaning and such. I will wait until the semester is on its way to see if I will be able to handle all things or if I need to wait until August (that's when I will be allowed to QUIT WORKING!!!!! YAY!!! So that I can go to skool full time and focus only on that! Yay! Only five more years of this skool crap to go!) when skool starts. I do believe that being a GAL is something that I have to do. Someone must speak on behalf of those children and watch out for their best interest. I just don't think that I will be able to do right by the children if I can't even get my personal life in order, you know what I mean? Either way, I will be one this year and will (hopefully) be able to help children in The Bay area. Thank you for your pattings, I was in need of appreciation and love. Don't worry, they won't go unused or abused.

*Also, as you may have already noticed; I have started using the Pay Per Post thing. I will have to do some of their postings because I am in dire need of dinero and the bills ain't gonna pay themselves.


  1. Dream Mommy // 1:33 PM  

    Just remember if/when you do become a GAL, most kids will tell you they want to live with their parents, no matter how bad they were abused and neglected. It's sad. A CASA worker told us you sometimes have to speak for their needs instead of their desires.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 1:53 PM  

    When I do, I will keep that in mind. Usually kids don't realize that they're in a bad situation, they just want their mommy and daddy to love them...

  3. Katherine Marie // 8:54 PM  

    I've always contemplated doing something along the lines of that, but I can barely speak for myself , so I'm thinking that particular venture wouldn't be ideal.

    I think it's about that extra voice that could actually change a life. If I'd had someone to stand up for me, my childhood could have been drastically different.

    I know I didn't say it earlier, excuse my delay here but my life is in shambles as of now, but I am very proud of you (once you are able to do it, of course-ness).

    I'll figure out where my niche is once I get my own life together. I've figured I'd probably just volunteer somewhere or when I'm older become a foster mother to a troubled girl. We shall see.

  4. sourpatchbaby // 8:14 AM  

    Umn, Katie....For as long as I've known you, you've always been able to speak for yourself (and for me, and for everyone else around). That's part of why I fell in love with you. I didn't have to make any decisions,lol. ...I know what you mean though, git your life straight and then come back to the internet. Remember, the moon can see your underwear when you get undressed.

  5. Kate M // 7:01 PM  

    Thanks so much for stopping by again, I couldn't find your blog (I had a problem with my favourites list). I too want to eventually be a GAL, but just not yet. My foster parenting years really opened my eyes, plus I am a child health specialist and future adoptive parent. But the time has to be right.
    Little guy is adorable!!!

  6. Katherine Marie // 9:19 PM  

    Well, I see your point there.

    I'm never short of words or directions in which to aim them, but I suppose I meant that I can't speak for myself in the context of what's right for me. With that in mind, I couldn't speak for the life of a child when decisions for myself seem to be sub par.

    And question "Remember, the moon can see your underwear when you get undressed."

    I need a translation STAT.

    <3 me

  7. Katherine Marie // 9:21 PM  

    Are you saying I have a big arse?!!! I'll bite you, I swear. I'll find you, where ever you are, and bite you.