Posted by sourpatchbaby | 1/24/2007 | | 1 comments »

My belly hurts. Monday night I had to go to skool and came back home around 830pm. To find The Kid sleeping. The Hubby had put The Kid down for a nap at 5pm and had let him sleep through. NOT FUN! I made him wake up The Kid and was rewarded with a very hyper, very alert chillum. Of course The Hubby got tired and went to bed at 930ish. So guess who stayed up till midnight with The Kid? Yours truly. I got so mad at The Hubby. It's like he listens to what I tell him, and then goes and does the opposite of that. There's no winning with him.

I guess he felt bad at what he did. I was pretty vocal to The Kid letting him know exactly what I thought of his father for doing that to me knowing that I had to go to work. I only said those things because I was hoping he would be awake and hear me. Last night when I came home from work The Hibby, Hubby made dinner. This is a man whose idea of making dinner is ordering Chinese. He made pepper steak, rice, storebought potato salad, garden salad, and fritters. By himself. I was proud that he was able to work all the complicated knobs of the stove together and of the fact that I didn’t have to cook that night. He’s still in the doghouse for letting The Kid sleep like that. I have more skool today so he better not let him sleep.


  1. Diana // 12:04 PM  

    My husband once put the kid down for a nap at four and he woke up at like seven thirty-cranky hungry and "what bed time?" when it came down to really going to bed.