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Have you ever said to yourself: Self, you needs to go out and call your friends across the sea? Well, don’t worry about the cost of international calling anymore, we have Pingo! Just sign up with them and you will get four hours of international calling for free! Go over here to get started and if you refer someone you will get $15.00. Free calls and free money, need I say more? Okay, how about this: you can call China for 1.8 cents a minute. You don’t even have to know anyone there to take the offer, you can meet them once you call! This is great if you have pen pals that you want to get closer to, hehe. You can even use your cell phones and still get a great deal on mobile international calling cards

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Katherine Marie said...
Are you flippin' married to a pastor?! Are you like the family in "Seventh Heaven"?! O jeeze.

I am so not like the family in "Seventh Heaven". I own my house and don't have meddling old biddies sweeping through it to make sure that the church's property is being taken care of. I am married to a pastor. One of three pastors at my church. But he doesn't really do the pastor thing, he's actually the treasurer of the church (and no katie, we don't "borrow" money from church with or without the intent of paying it back). Plus, if I had that many kids I might flush them all down the toilet. Or try. I would at least try.

**edited to add** Oh yeah, I wear pants and gasp! Makeup.

Vicodin anyone?

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Anyone want the rest of my vicodin? Am not sure I want to finish the whole bottle. Is making me very loopy. But seriously folks, am glad I never did drugs because I don't like the high I'm getting off the medicine. Not sure what the big deal is, maybe because it aint pot or something like that. Maybe illegal drugs give you a better buzz feeling. All I know is that I don't like it. Am kinda fond of my braincells.

Sorry Katie!

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Apparently some of us aren't allowed to have major or minor crisis and not post about it because ms Katie will chase us down and chop off our heads. I was out of work thursday and friday because I was busy having an operation. I had to have all of my wisdom teeth taken out. ALL OF THEM. AT THE SAME TIME. UNANIMOUSLY. People, I have stitches inside my mouth. Plus, the doctor cut me. As in, there are cut marks inside my cheek. As in, not anywhere near the back of my mouth. As in, he was playing some sort of crazy tic tac toe game with the nurse. Did I mention that there are stitches inside of me? I am scarred people! Call me scarface! Go ahead, Katie.

I don't remember anything of the past week. I remember that the nurse put me under, and then I remember waking up at home. Nothing in between. The Hubby says that I was so out of it. He says that I was complaining about the crappy nurse that wouldn't give me my teeth and they-came-out-of-me-why-can't-I-have-them-back-why-are-they-hazardous-waste-now? But drunkenlike. So now not only can't I not hold more than one beer (probly less than that since it's been years since last imbibing alcohol), apparently I can't hold anaesthesia either. Thank God that there hasn't been any major swelling. Actually, the drugs they gave me are so good, I been mostly dizzy and drowsy all day long. Have no idea what I'm doing at work today though. I've already puked and almost fainted but I will stubbornly stay on. Oh yeah, I go back to skool today after spring break and have a test due today. Guess how much of it is done. Go ahead, take a gander.

PayPal is so gay, it ain’t even funny

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That’s right, I said it. First of all, once again they messed up. I had someone put a complaint on my paypal account for “nondelivery” of an item. An item which I did not sell. Same item that was disputed in the week before. Oh yeah, the same day that the person “sent payment” was the same day that they put the complaint. I thought that there was a wait time or something after someone sent payment before they could put a complaint. Once again, they limited my account and would not let me do anything with it until they “investigated” Their way of investigating meant that they want me to not only fax them my license (they wanted to “verify my identity”), I had to give them an expanded use number (allow them to make a charge in my credit card and then give them the number that shows up in the statement, they’re supposed to refund the money at a later date), AND they want my social security number!

What The Heck? They don’t need no stinkin’ social. I tell you, I was so mad I was crying. They would not do anything to help me, refused to close my account until I give them my social. I will not give them bastards my social, I have lost all trust in them and cannot let them have my number. They could not even guarantee that the problem was fixed. They said that this could happen a week from now or even a year from now. They could not stop it from happening, not even with their security key mumbo jumbo. I was so fired off that steam was coming out my eyes. Basically, it was: yes we understand that this is the same item number that was disputed by you last week and that we fixed but until you give us your social we won’t allow you to close your account. Why don’t you give ebay a call?” of course, ebay won’t do anything, since it’s a separate entity from paypal. I am so fired off I don’t know what to do.

Vonage Forum

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Hey, have you guys seen that commercial for the internet phone? The one that has the weirdly catching yet oddly annoying noise/song/whatever you wanna call it? Well they have this forum for Vonage users. I was searching around because, who knows, one day I might get a home phone. I noticed that they have some really good help things in there. Like, I didn't know that you could disconnect the other computer's internet access at a certain time each day! I could rule the house like that! I can see it now, The Hubby will be furiously working away at the computer and I will sneakeyley cut off his internet! It will rule! Or...I could just set it so that The Kid and The Girl!'s computer (if/when they get one) will have no internet after like 9pm until 8am the next day. That would help out a lot with monitoring their online usage level. Also, I noticed that some people there can actually see what the others are seeing in their screens! Big brother watching to the extreme! I can't wait to try this out with The Kid.

PayPal: not bad, Computer: bad

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Apparently the problem wasn't with Paypal, it was with us. Oh, didn't I tell you? The Hubby had the exact same thing happen to him. Except his bank is different than mine and his bank didn't think to freeze the account when they saw weird things going on like my bank did. So now we're out almost $600.00 until all this gets straightened out. Seems like someone hacked into our home computer and took our info out of there. Which explains the fact that the computer's been virusey lately and we had to spring for a new one. So now we're broker than broke and will have to wait about 10 business days while this gets straightened out. The only account that wasn't compromised was my other one that doesn't have paypal access. The Hubby doesn't think that it's such a good idea to close his account and open up a new one. He says that it's too much paperwork.

Natalie Grant ~Held

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I heard this song in the radio this morning. They said that there were two children in two different families close to Natalie that died and that's what inspired her to write the song. All I could think about was Princess and I started crying. Princess, you're on my mind today.

paypal, again

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Well, paypal is "fixed" I ordered the security key from them to see if it will help. The only problem now is that someone tried to access my bank account. The good news is that as soon as they logged in from a different IP address, my bank froze the account. I will be going to the bank tomorrow to close that account and open a new one. I will also look into getting overdraft protection service. Don't think I can stand to pay thousands of dollars for NSF fees...