PayPal: not bad, Computer: bad

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 3/05/2007 | , | 1 comments »

Apparently the problem wasn't with Paypal, it was with us. Oh, didn't I tell you? The Hubby had the exact same thing happen to him. Except his bank is different than mine and his bank didn't think to freeze the account when they saw weird things going on like my bank did. So now we're out almost $600.00 until all this gets straightened out. Seems like someone hacked into our home computer and took our info out of there. Which explains the fact that the computer's been virusey lately and we had to spring for a new one. So now we're broker than broke and will have to wait about 10 business days while this gets straightened out. The only account that wasn't compromised was my other one that doesn't have paypal access. The Hubby doesn't think that it's such a good idea to close his account and open up a new one. He says that it's too much paperwork.


  1. Katherine Marie // 11:46 AM  

    Sorry, if it helps, I'm broke, too. We can be broke together, in internet land.