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Katherine Marie said...
Are you flippin' married to a pastor?! Are you like the family in "Seventh Heaven"?! O jeeze.

I am so not like the family in "Seventh Heaven". I own my house and don't have meddling old biddies sweeping through it to make sure that the church's property is being taken care of. I am married to a pastor. One of three pastors at my church. But he doesn't really do the pastor thing, he's actually the treasurer of the church (and no katie, we don't "borrow" money from church with or without the intent of paying it back). Plus, if I had that many kids I might flush them all down the toilet. Or try. I would at least try.

**edited to add** Oh yeah, I wear pants and gasp! Makeup.


  1. Katherine Marie // 1:07 PM  

    Well, I certainly hope you wear pants. If not, you'd definitely be turning heads at your church.

    *Laugh* *Damn it* *That was funny* *You know it was*

    Hey, speaking of religious stuff, I went looking for a coloring book for a cheap way to ease my stress, and all they had were Bible teaching ones. So it looks like I'll be getting my learn on and my stress out, kiddie style. O SNAP.

    And your verification called me an


    What the freak does that mean? Is it swahili for fruitcake? Or some old ancient language, inferring that I am almighty ruler of the Earth?! You decide.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 1:16 PM  

    LOL!!!! I am almost rolling on the floor laughing!
    1. Yes I wear pants, I only said that to let you know that I am not one of the pentecostal can't wear pants/makeup/earrings, can't shave your legs girl.
    2. Did you go to the dollar store? Cuz they have cheap ones for like a dollar.

    3. I believe that an OOSUO is a middle eastern balding man with a receding hairline and a slight potbelly.

  3. Katherine Marie // 1:27 PM  

    Almost rolling on the floor?! Not good enough!! Not good enough, indeed!

    1. DO you receive pleasure from ruining my church-lady image of you? Is it fun to murder the G in my head that wears over sized smock-like dresses, cavernous runs in her hair stricken knee highs, and worn out gospel thumping nun shoes?

    Is it too much to ask for you to appease that comic in my brain?! HUH?!

    2. I did go to the dollar store.

    3. Isn't receding hair line and balding the same thing? Are we on the same planet?

    Besides, I'm pretty sure your word verification was trying to say that I was the ruler of all species in the universe. That explains why I'm so damn awesome .

  4. sourpatchbaby // 1:36 PM  

    Oh woman, I could not roll on the floor for I am at work and people might talk about me. Plus, I would have to eat so many cold cuts they would seep through my neck in order to fulfill your fantasy. And if by ruler of all species of the universe you mean clumsy, then yeah. It was trying to call you ruler of all species of the universe.

  5. Katherine Marie // 1:56 PM  

    Okay, then. At least we're clear on that. I am the ruler of the planet Earth, and all of the junk surrounding it.

    *Your verification is now saying


    I think it is also voicing it's exasperation with your incessant attempts to kill G the church wielding sweaty lady.

    Now, get to eating your liver chops, woman! And start shopping at Salvation Army bins! Hop to it, before I get down there and make it happen!

    I've had way too much in the way of fruity-ness today. Never the less, it is fun.

  6. sourpatchbaby // 3:07 PM  

    Oh woman, I guess you would be the first to know if I went to some secret underground meeting to try to ban TV and the internet because it corrupts our youth right?

  7. Katherine Marie // 3:31 PM  

    Sure, cause I'd be at that meeting.

    As the leftist mole.

    I mean, they'd never see it coming, right?

    It's like in 'The Stand', when they sent Tom Cullen. The bad guys'd never see the least spy-like person on the planet as having a hidden agenda.

    That's right-o. RIGHT ON.