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Posted by sourpatchbaby | 3/07/2007 | | 10 comments »

Hey, have you guys seen that commercial for the internet phone? The one that has the weirdly catching yet oddly annoying noise/song/whatever you wanna call it? Well they have this forum for Vonage users. I was searching around because, who knows, one day I might get a home phone. I noticed that they have some really good help things in there. Like, I didn't know that you could disconnect the other computer's internet access at a certain time each day! I could rule the house like that! I can see it now, The Hubby will be furiously working away at the computer and I will sneakeyley cut off his internet! It will rule! Or...I could just set it so that The Kid and The Girl!'s computer (if/when they get one) will have no internet after like 9pm until 8am the next day. That would help out a lot with monitoring their online usage level. Also, I noticed that some people there can actually see what the others are seeing in their screens! Big brother watching to the extreme! I can't wait to try this out with The Kid.


  1. Katherine Marie // 8:34 AM  

    While I wasn't very impressed with Vonage service, I do think the commercials are hilariously random. A man in a lobster suit gets stuck in a revolving door... a women is emphatically talking about the phone service while her husband is doing an ass slapping dance in the background... 0_o

  2. sourpatchbaby // 10:58 AM  

    I know, their commercials are very random. Kinda like me. But! You don't see the important part! The monitoring! The ability of turning off people's internet at random! The control, people the control! Bhuahahahahahaha!

  3. Katherine Marie // 7:01 PM  

    No, the important part is the LOBSTER getting STUCK in a revolving door. When those commercials end, I'm so hypnotized by them that I barely remember what the ad was for.

  4. Katherine Marie // 7:07 PM  

    I looked at your map thingy, and do you realize someone visited your page from like China, or some tiny island near it... and another in South America... I need one of those maps. I need to know if someone in Khazakistan is reading my stuff. This is the information age, fo sho.

  5. sourpatchbaby // 8:16 AM  

    NO! You may not get a map! Not until you realize that the control you can have switching people's internet connection on and off! Not until you realize that you can watch them like big brother! Acknowledge the mighty power of my cheerios!

  6. Katherine Marie // 10:51 AM  

    BUT so far I have a reader from somewhere in the middle of America, Africa and Canada! I'm still waiting on Khazakistan.

  7. Katherine Marie // 10:54 AM  

    So I was thinking about joining my cousin Ashley when she visits Florida this summer. Her blood-daddy lives down there & she has some friends to visit. AND I SO need to go to Disney World. What are your thoughts?

  8. Katherine Marie // 9:40 PM  

    AND do you want an invite to that Moola website? I got one, so now I can send one to you. It's kind of fun. Wow, I'm so dominating this comment page. Sowwy. This is it! I promise!

  9. sourpatchbaby // 8:19 AM  

    No! You may NOT not go away! Don't you know that you're like, my lifeline or some other methaphoric allegory? Plus, if you come down. I might actually, you know, see you. AND yes I do want an invite. I'm not sure what moola is, I think is some sort of Hawaiian hip hop slang term for money, or rocks. either way, I want in.

  10. Katherine Marie // 10:29 AM  

    Moola is a website where you play games to win money... you start with one cent and every time you win you can get double, and there are other ways to win $. I'll send you an invite and you can try... There's only three games but they're okay... Rock/Paper/Scissors, High/Low, and this weird gold measuring game.