PayPal is so gay, it ain’t even funny

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 3/13/2007 | | 5 comments »

That’s right, I said it. First of all, once again they messed up. I had someone put a complaint on my paypal account for “nondelivery” of an item. An item which I did not sell. Same item that was disputed in the week before. Oh yeah, the same day that the person “sent payment” was the same day that they put the complaint. I thought that there was a wait time or something after someone sent payment before they could put a complaint. Once again, they limited my account and would not let me do anything with it until they “investigated” Their way of investigating meant that they want me to not only fax them my license (they wanted to “verify my identity”), I had to give them an expanded use number (allow them to make a charge in my credit card and then give them the number that shows up in the statement, they’re supposed to refund the money at a later date), AND they want my social security number!

What The Heck? They don’t need no stinkin’ social. I tell you, I was so mad I was crying. They would not do anything to help me, refused to close my account until I give them my social. I will not give them bastards my social, I have lost all trust in them and cannot let them have my number. They could not even guarantee that the problem was fixed. They said that this could happen a week from now or even a year from now. They could not stop it from happening, not even with their security key mumbo jumbo. I was so fired off that steam was coming out my eyes. Basically, it was: yes we understand that this is the same item number that was disputed by you last week and that we fixed but until you give us your social we won’t allow you to close your account. Why don’t you give ebay a call?” of course, ebay won’t do anything, since it’s a separate entity from paypal. I am so fired off I don’t know what to do.


  1. Katherine Marie // 10:54 AM  

    I'm thinking about closing my account... but it sounds so not fun. How is Payperpost going to pay you if you don't have a paypal?

    Wow, you're word verification called me an IOJJJZ. That's freaky.

  2. sourpatchbaby // 12:18 PM  

    LOL! Word verification daemon strikes again. Re: payperpost, I opened up another separate paypal account just for them. I'm not going to attach it to any bank account and just leave the money there. If I want to take the money out, I'll just send it to The Hubby's paypal and have him deal with it.

  3. Katherine Marie // 8:06 AM  

    I've officially sent you an invite for the Moola website. You only have 7 days to accept it. So DO it!

    OoO and Payperpost FINALLY accepted my blog, but there are very few qualifying post opportunities for Blogspot.

    That is really freakin' annoying.

  4. Diana // 2:10 PM  

    You know, I've been trying to get my old bank account (closed for a year now) off my paypal and just have my current bank account on there, and they won't take it off. I worry that they are going to end up screwing up somehow and try to take money from the closed account and get me in all kinds of trouble...
    good luck to you.

  5. Katherine Marie // 9:54 AM  

    Hello!!? Anybody home??!

    Where are you? Post something so I can a leave a silly message back. I keep visiting this page and see NOTHING.

    Get on top of your game!

    ♥ Katie ♥