Taking a cue from here, we have entered the first installment of PoopFest '06. I must've changed no less than 16 diapers in less than 24 hours. Who knew The Kid could hold in so much poop? He's on liquid crack (pedialyte)right now and the sitter has the extremely fun job of collecting "samples" to be taken to the doctor. Boy, am I glad I'm at work today. Saturday he had a blowout in the supermarket and I was forced to dress him in a striped shirt with a plad overalls. He left me no choice.
I went to the supermarket again this morning before going to work and was met with a sight to behold. Two old people making out. My first thought when I saw this was, hey they still in love, how cute. Then I noticed how they didn't seem to come up for air (maybe were sharing same oxygen tank?), and then I saw this sixty something year old woman grabbing her equally old man's hips and thrusting them firmly towards her. EW. GROSS. I blacked out after that. Don't remember how I managed to get to work. Old people have no business doing what us young folk do. They old, period. I don't have anything against old people, just don't remind me that you guys still do stuff. Please. I leave you with a picture of The Kid when he was a mere three days old. Notice the sprawling mane 'o hair.


  1. Diana // 2:54 PM  

    umm, eww about the oldies. I don't like seeing young people "thrusting their hips" at eachother either, but that would have grossed me out. She must have given him a dose of viagra...lol