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Posted by sourpatchbaby | 2/16/2007 | | 3 comments »

So there’s this new program in Pay per post that is called Review My Post. This is basically works this way. I make a post and leave some blog ads for some other pay per poster to review my post. They get paid for reviewing it and as soon as they get paid, I get paid too! This is great! I could actually be all reviewed and stuff. I am so signing up for this mostly because it could help me get a higher pr rank. Right now my rank is probably somewhere in the negative 200’s or so. This is a great thing because it would help out not just me, but the other person also. Plus, I could get people’s attention and we all know how big of an attention wench I am. I would so not only allow others people to review my blog, I would go out and review other people’s blogs also. This way everybody wins! I get to have some people who would not normally read me (i.e., the world) to read about me, and I would find some possibly most likely interesting blogs to read. I am so signing up for this thing is not even funny. They should’ve added this a long time ago.


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