Posted by sourpatchbaby | 2/28/2007 | 3 comments »

Paypal is either very dumb or very very dumb. I went to check on my paypal account Monday and saw that I had a limited access hold on it. I come looking more at the situation and see that somehow, someone has gotten into my account and sent me $1200 for some WellBox thing (I didn’t want to google it for fear of it being some sort of sadistic Tupperware party item). Then, someone takes that money out (it was the $1200 minus the 30 something fee that paypal charged). Then someone sends 800 and they take out more money, then they sent 800ish something more and that’s when I found it. I was all like, can I keep the money? Immediately I called paypal and had them investigate the matter. Thankfully, it’s all been resolved now. My account boasts a full $6.01 and It’s so full it might explode like a cow that’s eaten green hay.

I’m kinda peeved at the fact that they got money out of my account. If they had just sent me money, I could see how that mistake might be made. Taking money out of an account is fishy. I am so going to change all my passwords and junk as soon as I can.


  1. Diana // 11:51 AM  

    ...and yet they are always sending e-mails about fraud and stuff, but they can't seem to get their own sh*t together...hmmmmmm.
    gotta love 'em huh?

  2. Bryan // 11:58 AM  

    That is pretty phishy. I had no clue they could take the money back out. They really didn't profit however. They got the exact amount back and you are the one who got suckered. Why would anyone do this if there is no profit?

  3. sourpatchbaby // 12:32 PM  

    they were probably testing it. fortunately for paypal (and my checkbook), paypal froze the account so that no money could come in or out of the account until I sent them some verification. That is what probably stopped them from stealing all $-32 in my account. Of course, my only worry was that they weren't going to allow payperpost to send me my $6.01. I was very nervous that I wouldn't have my money....