I don't think Katie realized what my point was in that post. My point wasn't so much to make fun and point and stare at what them kids was doing (although it was fun to do so). No, my point was more on the lines of the fact that the girl in question (paris hilton wannabe)is twelve years old. Not 20, not 15, not even 14. She's 12. What kind of mother allows and buys their child vagina baring skirts? Seriously, what kind of mother? I'm not trying to imply that you keep your child dressed like a pentecostal woman (I can say that because I used to be one, and am/have been friends with many of them), I just think that children should be children. This brings me back to something I saw at a family fair. A girl, couldn't have been more than two, was wearing a teeeny tiny belly baring shirt. Not the cutesey kind that just shows the belly. The womanly kind that ties and ends just beneath the breasts (with the long sleeves, gotta have the long sleeves). This girl was wearing diapers and she was dressed "sexy". Since when do children have to be sexy???@@!!! Especially in Florida, where sex offenders outnumber you two to one. Currently there are 153 of those perverts in a two mile radius from my house. And those are only the registered ones. Don't even go into all the crazies that have not been charged/found out about yet.

The point is, children in this country are at an ever growing threat of being molested/abused/touched and by sexualizing them, we ain't helping any. Whatever happened to good old children's clothing? I walk by the girls section at the local hellmart and all I see is rows upon rows of ultra minis, high heels (for toddlers nonetheless. Don't they have to learn how to walk first?) and clothing that would look sexy on someone with boobs.

I'm concerned about how these girls that are taught body image from an even earlier age than we were will end up in the future. As we can see with the paris hilton wannabe (I only say that because she may or may not be chockfull of diseases and she may or may not know how to write), she's heading down a bad path. Who, do you think told her that if you wear a cleavage revealing shirt (she does not have cleavage, that's the sad part) you shouldn't pair it with a mini. Who told her that it's not okay to ditch skool to go partying with a guy that's old enough to drink. Who, upon seeing what she was wearing, sent her back to her room to wear something decent? No one, that's who. And that is her problem. Does the blame lay on the girl for her attitude and easy ways, or on her parents for turning her into what she is? Will Teresa tell Ethan that he's the real father of Little Ethan? Will she ditch Ethan to be with Jared? Will Fancy discover who the rapist was? Will Sheridon finally stop getting in between Luis and Fancy?...


  1. Katherine Marie // 12:29 PM  

    I definitely agree with you, it sounds like these people are begging for trouble. In reality, the situation is disgusting and it's obvious something needs to be done.

    But in internet land, where I currently exist, the situation is comedic. I mean, I can just see the look of horror plastered on your face as two kids sitting near you in a church are playing tonsil hockey slurpily away. The imigary is priceless, but only if you're wearing an huge floral dress, black rimmed glasses, and a bee-hive hairdo.

    ♥ Me!

  2. Katherine Marie // 12:33 PM  

    O, I changed the URL for my page... it's www.greystreetkate.blogspot.com - I needed something that would be easier to type in the adress bar everytime I'm at someone else's house (practically every day)... Just to keep ya up-to-date... <3

  3. sourpatchbaby // 1:02 PM  

    Actually, if I'm not mistaken. I was wearing a strapless, knee length sheer black with pink lining dress. I had a cutesy shawl to cover my shoulders. And three inch tieback heels. I would've been stunning were it not for the belly pouch that childbirth has given me and which I cannot get rid of. Oh, and I smelled like cotton candy. Or chocolate. Not sure. I have these two new perfumes, one is pure sugar and smells cotton candeylike and the other is called something about chocolate addiction and smells chocolatey. My hair was in a bun. I had no time to do it so in a bun it went.

  4. Katherine Marie // 2:26 PM  

    Well, You just killed the picture in my head... thank you very much.

    I refuse to believe it. You were wearing knee highs with big runs in them, a floral dress twelve sizes too big with white ruffles stained from all that sweating you do in that hot church.

    You just were .

  5. sourpatchbaby // 4:13 PM  

    Just to satisfy my curiosity...could you hear the ham hock I had for breakfast in my breathing? And did I pull a bag of pork skins from under my arm to eat during the peep show?

  6. Katherine Marie // 10:47 PM  

    Sure, since it would satisfy my mental picture, it'll do.