God, this pregnancy has hit me like a ton of bricks. If any of you have any teenage girls that you want to scare away from premarital horizontal hello, send them my way. After watching me puke up everything in me for a couple of days, I doubt that they'd want to start engaging in alone time. It goes like this, I wake up, puke. eat, puke, eat some more, puke. Cuz puking makes me so very hungry that I get shivers and tremble. I feel like this foetus' life is endangered and that my body might eat it at any moment. So I eat. And then I puke. And, if I'm lucky I don't have to change my undies after puking. That's right, internet. I said that puking makes me pee. There Katie, Happy? Now you know my innermost deepest secret. Oh, and if you puke first thing in the morning and don't have anything in your stomach yet...your puke will actually look and feel like raw egg yolks.

Yes, Katie, I went there.

Oh, and it's not a morning thing. I shake my fist at whomever called this morning sickness. It's an all day thing. As in, I can't even eat my supper in peace without the nausea coming up. As in, it gets worse at night time.


  1. Katherine Marie // 1:36 PM  

    Do you remember when I was pregnant?

    Well, you weren't at my school at the time, but I remember calling you after I'd passed out at MST due to my own "Morning" "Sickness" in much the same fashion.

    Anytime I ate I immediately yacked it up, so that eventually I just wasn't eating at all (Which also just made me gag and spit all day, due to the empty stomach). Doing such made me pass out.

    And I had to take the bus everyday ... which is essentially feels like sitting in a canoe during a hurricane to someone with non-stop naseau.

    So I definitely feel your pain. It may be one of the major reasons why I haven't become pregnant since, the deep fear of very painful memory. Plus I was a total psycho, because of you-know-who.

  2. Katherine Marie // 1:22 PM  

    ♥ HUGS ♥

    but please don't ralph on me!

    O, and I'm probably not coming down this summer, since I just started this new job and your life sounds a bit endowed, anyways. I have 2 weeks paid vaca next year, so I'm thinking around the holidays 2008/9. I have to go to Disney. I NEED to.

  3. sourpatchbaby // 8:15 AM  

    Disney is not what it's wrapped up to be. There are plenty of other places you can go to that are much much cheaper. And are not filled with crying lost five year olds.

  4. Katherine Marie // 1:28 PM  

    Ya, I know it's wicked hyped up. But I gotta go.

    I hear there's an animation tour... but I think it might be in the California one... not sure...

    I think it's just something you have to do once in your life, and I'm still very much a kid at heart, so I'd probably really like it.

    Which reminds me, I also MUST hit up Seaworld. It was my life's ambition as a kid to be a Whale Trainer.

    I'm a fruitcake, this I know.