Sandcastle fun

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 6/22/2007 | 5 comments »

Okay, so I was going around all bored and came upon this site about Sandcastles. So I decided to make me one of them. See! Aint it pretty? After I made my oh so awesome castle, I added some crabs** (at least, I hope they’re crabs and not those weird icky teeny gray spiders that look like tarantulas that are around sometimes). Anyways, my crabs are protecting my castle in all its purpley glory. It was so easy to make this and the color choices were awesome. Kinda makes me want to go to the beach now. As you can see also, if I can do this, a two year old paraplegic monkey can do it. It’s that easy. You just click on a castle piece and drag it where you want it to go and then you can change it’s colors however you want it. Even though I could have had a purple castle, I decided to go with the au natural color since it was pretty too. And so many accessories to choose from! I didn’t know what to pick and choose to go in my awesome castle. I ended up choosing all the crabs since I wasn’t sure if they were in fact crabs or spiders. I felt it added a touch of mystery to the whole effect. And best of all, while your castle is loading, you get to play with a ball. I was so very excited to play with that ball that will most likely make another castle just so that I can go through the saving process and play with that ball again. You can send them to your friends or save them as wallpaper. It’s a very neat idea.

**I know they’re crabs, everyone knows spiders don’t live in the sea. It’s just that they looked like spiders that for a second I was confused.


  1. Katherine Marie // 1:37 PM  

    And how many Sourpatch Kids had you downed when you wrote this post? Admit it, at least 10 or 11 bags, since I'm sure your tolerance is so high now that it takes that many just to get you jazzed. COMMENT ON MY PAGE OR I WILL MAKE SURE THIS IS THE LAST SAND CASTLE YOU'LL EVER BUILD!!!! (or something of the effect)

  2. Katherine Marie // 1:38 PM  

    and those "crabs" kind of scare me. They do look like giant angry spiders.

  3. Rodrigo // 10:59 PM  

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  4. sourpatchbaby // 8:27 AM  

    I have no idea what rodrigo said.. but I think he asked me to aid in the upbringing of a personalized t-shirt.. And something about eating more....

  5. Laurie // 11:14 AM  

    lmao at the rodrigo comment.

    i bet my kids would like the sandcastle thing.