Have you ever...

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 6/05/2007 | | 6 comments »

Have you ever puked so violently hard that pee comes out of you? I don't mean maybe a drop or two. I mean a full torrent of pee so bad that you have to wash up your legs and change your pants? Not once in the morning but several times throughout the day?

Yeah, me neither....Only 7 more months of this to go. Only 7 more months of this to go. Only 7 more months of this to go. Only 7 more months of this to go. Only 7 more months of this to go. Only 7 more months of this to go.


  1. Diana // 11:33 PM  

    were you that sick with the kid?

    Asking because i was sick with my son but only puked once with the baby...she didn't like oodles n' noodles.
    both pregnancies were so different...
    so now i'm on a quest to try to figure out what you're having!

  2. sourpatchbaby // 8:16 AM  

    I was that sick with The Kid only his sickness started later. And lasted until two days before I gave birth. But I know that this one will be a girl so maybe that's the diff. I've been sick since about 5 weeks and with nausea since earlier.

  3. Katherine Marie // 9:24 AM  

    I'm so not looking forward to having kids....

  4. momsgoneloony // 12:46 PM  

    I have three, so I peed on myself frequently and God forbid...I will admit it...still do. I have two boys and the one drama queen....with Noni...I was sick from the first day until I gave birth. I guess it was way too many female hormones in one body? Hope you feel better!

  5. Diana // 9:04 PM  

    So what makes you so sure this one is a girl? And when is your u/s so we know for sure??? If you have a girl, I'll have plenty of clothes to send to you if you need 'em...this girl is growing out of some already,

  6. sourpatchbaby // 8:18 AM  

    I just know. Just like we knew that The Kid was a boy, we know that this one is a girl. I'm barely 8 weeks so It'll be awhile before I can get some sort of u/s. But, I already bought a bunch of pink and purple diapers (cloth) so it's going to be a girl.