First off, let me start by saying that I've never voted before. Not because I wasn't old enough, but because I wasn't allowed until recently when I became a citizen. Now, I have known in each election who I wanted to win. In the 2000 elections, I wanted Gore to win only because he was friends with Clinton and I liked Clinton. Sure, Gore walked like he ran out of the hospital in the middle of his colonoscopy, but we all have our quirks. I didn't like Bush, I didn't like his daddy and I didn't like him. Period. Fast forward to the 2004 elections. Now it's Kerry and Bush again. While my feelings for Bush have not changed, I am as shallow as a puddle and cannot allow the country to be run by someone that literally looks like the california raisin man.

I would so much rather see the country in the hands of a parkinsons/alzheimers diseased old man than a wrinkley excuse for a stretched out piece of leather. See, what this country needs is a good looking president. That will solve our problems. Think about it, everytime that a good looking president has been on top, we've had good times. Take JFK for example, now THAT was a man. So what if he was a drugged up sex addict? He looked good in pictures. That's all that counts. Take Clinton, now he may not be winning any beauty pageants but compared to 1st Bush, Reagan, and that other guy, he's all man. And that's why he won. Now, if the Democrats want to win this election, they should get themselves a good looking man and pit him against that floating sack of old that's Cheney and they're guaranteed to win. After all, we all know cyborgs can't be presidents and he's had so many surgeries that he should be classified as one.


  1. Katherine Marie // 11:42 AM  

    Well, I really can't argue with politics in the way of the looks of the candidate.

    I've seen Kerry personally, shook his hand n' all, but after he had some facial touch-ups. He's actually kind of attractive now... I'd do him... lol...

    And if you're going to bring up the cuteness of a presidential candidate, what about John Edwards? I think he's one pretty little pony. According to G-politics, he should win in a landslide...

  2. sourpatchbaby // 12:03 PM  

    YES! John Edwards is in! But the fact that his wife has cancer and could potentially die while he's in office is a turn off for most voters. No one wants to have a single man in the presidency. Besides all that, he's due to win. I mean, the man looks good in a bikini and all...

  3. Katherine Marie // 1:29 PM  

    lol. Well, we're talking about looks ALONE.

    The mere fact that he was barely a contender the last election, and the whole cancer thing, and that he doesn't seem to have any trademark standpoint... all make him a weaker candidate.

    But we're talking G-politics, which means he's #1!

    Well, Barack Obama isn't entirely un-good-looking?

  4. sourpatchbaby // 2:02 PM  

    But he's black. And you have to realize that his name is very difficult to understand. Hence this puts John Edwards back on top. Easy to pronounce name and easy on the eyes looks.

  5. Laurie // 12:13 PM  

    Hmmm, perhaps you are on to something. Perhaps George Clooney should run...

  6. creative-type dad // 4:00 PM  

    If that's the case, then I think Jessica Alba should be the first woman president.

  7. Katherine Marie // 9:02 PM  

    I've always thought Dave Matthews would make an excellent pres-O-dent. I'd DEF be his Monica Lewinsky. He can do whateva he wants with his cigar.

    O, yes I did.

  8. sourpatchbaby // 8:15 AM  

    I thought Dave didn't use cigars?

  9. sourpatchbaby // 8:18 AM  

    They won't have a cute woman president. The other countries will be offended. They can't take all that cuteness so soon. They'll probly start with a woman who looks like a man and then work their way up the cute scale.