Oh no...

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 10/19/2006 | , | 2 comments »

Has anyone seen this product? Am I the only one that thinks its creepy? Disembodied hand patting and holding on to your child while he sleeps? Will baby be afraid of hands from now on? Is this some sort of relative of that creepy crawly hand on The Addams Family show? Will I ever stop using question marks?

What the heck? It's like some sort of bad movie. A badly produced horror movie. Attack of the disembodied hands!


  1. Diana // 1:56 PM  

    That is actually kind of freaky....

  2. Dream Mommy // 2:59 PM  

    He that was my idea! Well not quite. What I need that have to do is be set to pat the baby's bottom!