Left or Right?

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 10/18/2006 | 3 comments »

a post on tony's blog reminded me of how the world is so....kooky. In hispanic countries, it is almost against the law to be a leftie. I am a leftie. So is my sister. I remember vividly how my father's family would tell him to "beat us out of it" and how we would never amount to anything in life because we were left handed. I have a cousin who was born a leftie and was beat so much by her parents that she is now ambidextrous. And that was just on my father's side of the family. My mother's side blamed it all on dad. As if. An aunt from mom's side once remarked as to how I would get poop on my hands everytime I wiped. Except she said it in that very vulgar way that some people from DR have and give the rest of us a bad rep. If she wasn't much bigger than me, I think I would've popped her one. She made me so mad. As if I wasn't capable of the most simple things. I'm a leftie and I can write upside down. Beat that, righties! I'm leftie, hear me roar!


  1. Diana // 2:58 PM  

    I'm a leftie too! My sister (7 yrs. older) went to Catholic school when she was younger and they would hit her hands with a ruler and tell her the left hand was the hand of the devil. She is ambidextrous too now but I still see her eyes kinda glaze over when she uses her left hand...bad memories for her. I went to public school all my life and they never cared. I do get a lot of grief from people when they see me sign for packages and stuff here at work...
    WHO CARES! I'm lefty and what?

  2. creative-Type Dad (Tony) // 2:53 AM  

    Wow! Beat it out...that's weird!

  3. Zach & Brie's Mom // 8:07 PM  

    Lefties RULE! I am a lefty. I think Brie will be a lefty. Zach is a righty.

    My husband claims his handwriting is so bad that he's anti-dextrous.