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The Kid, today...two days ago you were one year old. How you have grown in this year. You went from a little squiggly thing that just laid there to a little man. Some of the things you have accomplished this year include:

Mama, Dada, Papa, Tata (don't know what you mean here), nene (boy), baby (pronounced beebee), Mmmnnn (said whenever you see someone with food. Or just whenever you want food),Hi, Amen (screamed out in church several times in a row, never to be heard again).

You have gone from an all boobjuice diet to eating just about anything that's not nailed down to the floor. You still like your boobjuice best, though. As a result, I have changed things around on you. You will no longer get my milk at the sitter's, you will drink goat milk. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

You had me worried there for a minute. You didn't want to crawl and insisted on GIJoeing it around the house. That was real good for my floors, thank you. Now you are a toddler. You walk unassisted all over the place but still crawl when you are tired or just cranky. I don't appreciate your wanting to walk attached to my leg. As a result, I think I will start biting YOU for a change.

Cute Factor
I didn't think it could be possible, but you have only gotten cuter since they let us take you home.

You can sleep the whole night in your room all by yourself. You just choose not to. I don't appreciate that. That's why I let you cry when you decide that the crib is not fun anymore. Bedtime is bedtime and I gotz to get my sleep on.

I swear you'd get back in my womb if you could, the way you always want to hang off of me. You are real good when I drop you at the sitter's with the exception of this week. I think you think I'm going to abandon you just like your daddy abandoned us (for the week).

Other Milestones
Wave bye-bye, blow kisses, kiss (more like leave a huge wad of spit on victim's cheek), play some weird game your grandma taught you of sticking your finger in your palm. self feed (everything that you can get your hands on, regardless of edible factor), hug, dancing (oh how you love to dance), clapping, something that can only be described as some sort of primitive tribal song. You also help me when I dress you or change your diaper.

Eight front teeth, one molar. Bitey fun (for you, not me)

But most of all, your favorite game is: let's look at mom's bellybutton and assorted bellyflaps while in public. But wait-why pull mom's shirt up to do that when we can pull it down! And then we can eat AND play! Yay!

I am so very proud of you baby. I am thankful to you for teaching me how to be a mother. Thank you for the unconditional love I see in your eyes. I love you baby, thanks for being the best firstborn I've ever had (hopefully not the youngest one for long...hehehe)


  1. Mama C-ta // 7:03 PM  

    Aww, happy belated 1st birthday!

  2. Kate M // 2:04 AM  

    Happy 1st Birthday! He sounds soooo adorable :-)

  3. Diana // 10:02 AM  

    the sticking the finger intot he palm, isn't that 'pon, pon, pon, el dedito en el pilon"? (If it was the pr'n grandma that taught him that, it's a song that they sing to babies with the hand movements.) My mother taught my son, and he would do the finger thing when he wanted us to sing it.

  4. sourpatchbaby // 8:53 AM  

    Mama C-ta, welcome! Kate, welcome you too! Ooh I feel all importantish like what with all these readers. Must go publish book or something, lol. Diana, yes it is that game. I just find it odd. Why would they want to stick their finger in a pilon*?

    *A pilon is a kind of mortar and pestle for garlic and other such things. Unless you talk about the pilon candy. Then its something completely different.