12/8/2004 - 11/3/2006

Posted by sourpatchbaby | 11/06/2006 | , , | 2 comments »

I've been sick as a dog all weekend. Couldn't even get up for work on Friday, had to call in. Poor The Kid, he's been sick too and it hurts me to see him that sick. He will cry and run away as soon as he sees me coming at him with a tissue. Who could blame him? I accidentally scratched his nose while deboogerizing him and made him bleed. Bad mom. Thankfully we're in the mend now. Oh yeah, I also got my period on Friday. Hadn't had it since december '04, hence the title. It was so great not having to worry about that junk before, thanks breastfeeding. Not much else to post either. Will try to get better.


  1. Dream Mommy // 1:04 PM  

    We've been sick too. Yuck. Hope everyone is better soon.

  2. Diana // 2:20 PM  

    deboogerizing...love that word. I will have to use it next time I'm emptying my son's nose of all the crap that seems to store itself in there...