And the pastor said what?!?!?!?!

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I don't really post much about Godly things here because I don't want the controversy but this I gotta post. The women from my church were invited to another church service.

Now, just so you know. My church is pretty kewl. Women are allowed to wear pants, makeup, jewelry, shave, and even cut and color our hair if we want. I said that because most Hispanic Christian churches are what we call "rajatablas." The women of the church we went to had no makeup on, long (almost ankle lenght) skirts, (probably)unshaved legs, no earrings, and had the requisite "brillo pad" hair bun (that's where the grey hair and unkempt hair gets so bad, it literally resembles a brillo pad). And we were given looks for being cute.

Anyways, that's not the point of my story. Here's the kicker, when it came to pick up the offering the pastor of the church grabbed the mike and said the most unbelievable things. He started to talk about how they're redoing the tile in his house (house doesn't belong to the church but to pastor) and how after seven years the tile had cracked and the company had refunded them 1/2 the original price of the tiles. The refund was only "$12,000 and that's only half the cost, so you can do the math about how much more is needed."

He also said things like: "Oh? You think that YOUR house has to be better than the pastor's? Nosirre, The pastor's house has to be better than your house." He also made public the names of those men that hadn't gone there to help him as well as the name of the person in whose house he would be staying for a few days.

I only say this because:
1. It's pretty unbelievable, I can't believe that someone would say that. Basically, this pastor believes that he is more holy than the rest of his church. It's this kind of mindset that has pushed so many Hispanic people out of church.

2. I don't like it that the other Hispanic churches in our town will invite us to their activities just to fill in their seats, but they won't come to ours. Since we are only one of a handful of churches that allow such radical liberal things like leg shaving and heels, it's to be expected. But still, I don't like it.

3. Did I mention that it's unbelievable?

4. The pastor never said that the offering was for him, but he never said that the church was going to keep the money in the offering. So now I'm not sure if he dips into the offering plate. And frankly, the church could use some sprucing up to make it prettier.

* Oh yeah, we told our pastors this (they weren't able to go to the service for various reasons) and they could barely believe us. We also told our senior pastor that if he EVER tried something like that, we'd walk right out (we are friends so we can tell him things straight up).


  1. Dream Mommy // 2:24 PM  

    That's insane! L once went to a church where the pastor said, "My wife and I need to take a vacation. I'm passing around the offering plate and I better not hear any change!"

    I hate it when pastors make money off their churches, live in fancy homes while many in their congregation can't afford decent living.

    Sorry, had to throw my two cents in!

  2. Kate M // 5:31 PM  

    Unbelievable! Didn't God teach in the Bible about people being equal in the eyes of the Lord???